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I visited the Anne Frank house back in 1997 and It was amazing. It made me wish I paid more attention in History class! I am now a mother to a 7 year old girl and I am teaching her all about Anne Frank. We watched the movies and have read several books about Anne. I am sickened by the hatred in people. I will never understand. I hope someday I will return to the house with my daughter. Sincerely, Susan Hebert

Susan Hebert, 39 - Stony Brook - United States - 9 Jan 2011

I lOvE To rEaD AnNe FrAnKs dIaRy eVeRyTiMe i hAvE ThE ChAnCe iT Has bEeN A GrEaT InSpIrAtIoN To mE. eVeRy sInCe i rEaD HeR DiArY In 6 GrAdE I hAvE AlWaYs bEeN iNtErEsTeD In tHe hOlUcAuSt AnD i aLwAyS WaNtEd tO lEaRn mOrE.

SuNi , 14 - Carmicheal - United States - 7 Jan 2011

I first visited the museum 15 years ago. Yesterday I picked up the book and read it again, for the first time in 20+ years. It's so powerful on so many levels. I suppose being older and a mother of three changes the perspective from which I viewed the pages of Anne's diary, but whatever the reason, Anne's words touched me even more deeply this reading. This website allows me to share my experiences with my children, even though we live half a world away - and for that, I am grateful.

Dollene Christopher, 36 - Collins, NY - United States - 5 Jan 2011

i was only 8 when i learned of anne frank for history first i tried to keep my my distant away from anne frank books for i had feared they'd show the horrible images of the prisoners in the camps.the next year when i was in fourth grade when i was nine,i rushed to the anne frank section of our school libary and got as many teacher (who also too had an big interest in anne frank and the holocaust) ecorage me to learn.then for my 10th birthday i recived the diary of anne frank.the book was one of those times that make you wonder... happend in the outside world during that time?and sadly even thought the holocaust was and is real,people still think its fake and as many people say,its breaks my that she lifed an short life but even after her death her leagacy still lives on to this very day.she is one of the many who where killed in one of the most saddest moments in history but while most where killed ad so where there stories,hers surived

brandi farmer, 11 - youngstown,ohio - United States - 4 Jan 2011

Went to see the wonderful Anne Frank huis on the 31st dec... So touching and deeply moving. I challenge anyone to wander round the museum without shedding a tear. I feel sick inside that the actions of a group of individuals caused so much harm distress destruction to so many innocents xx rest in peace all of you, this house and the nearby homomonument signify that you have not completely in vain xx

Nicholas callaghan, 31 - Manchester - United Kingdom - 3 Jan 2011

I visited the museum in Nov 1995. It was surreal to me, I read the book as a girl and here I am in the annex.Truly one of the most humbling experiences of my life. History must never repeat it self in the horrors in did in Anne's world.

diana, 40 - peoria - United States - 3 Jan 2011