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Anne Frank personifies the millions of children who perished due to war or persecution. Through her entries and the available photos, we realize she had a life, she had dreams, she was supposed to have a future. The short video of her looking out the window, fresh and young and carefree, made the horror of her ordeal all the more heart-wrenching.

Eleni Papaioannou, 49 - Athens - Greece - 29 Nov 2010

I can't put into words what this did to Otto when he found out. How sad, I have learned a lot just from a fifteen year old girl!

Jennifer Hartman Harper, 37 - Peru - United States - 21 Nov 2010

I read her Diary over the last week and I've never been so moved by the written word. I can't explain it's impact. Should be compulsary reading in every school.

Gary McDonald, 31 - Albury / Wodonga - Australia - 19 Nov 2010

I am very interested in finding out more about an Frank. Anne Frank impresses me alot. Its so strange how such a young girl can have such a vocabulary. Learning about an Frank inspires me to write a story of my life till im 80 years old if i live till than.

christine, 21 - lafeyette - United Kingdom - 16 Nov 2010

I went to the house a few years ago and was amazed how 8 people all stayed in such a small space. She was an amazing young lady wise beyond her years. She had a good heart and a positive attitude despite what was happening to her.

Jayne Falconer, 42 - Liverpool - United Kingdom - 16 Nov 2010

I have been there when i was about 9 and now that i see it alli want to do is go back and visit.

autumn rivera, 14 - lake saint louis - United States - 11 Nov 2010