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I read Anne Frank's Diary as a young girl and it capture my heart and taught me so much. Then I find this web site and took the tour and just have to say Thank You Thank You Thank You! I have always wanted to see where the young girl whom I identified with so strongly called home. Continue to tell her amazing story and inspire future generations. Out of so much suffering there can be beauty and this is a beautifully sad and wonder place. Thank you again

Eva Dougher, 36 - St Louis Park - United States - 17 Dec 2010

the time spent in her hiding place was very emotional..looking into her young mind, it had to have been so frustrating.. im so glad i went..made me appreciate my freedom..thank you

angela breeden, 45 - oklahoma city - United States - 16 Dec 2010

I visited the museum in April last Year and I plan to come back as soon as possible. The museum is one of the best I´ve ever visited because of the deliberate pedagogical and realistic exhibitions. I was and still am deeply moved by the museum.

Bengt-Inge Bengtsson, 64 - Göteborg - Sweden - 16 Dec 2010

Thank you so much Amsterdam for creating and perpetuating the Anne Frank Museum. The world is a better place because of it.

Melissa Jossa, 66 - Flushing, New York - United States - 14 Dec 2010

Anne Frank opened up to me what the holocaust meant on a personal level. I think this is the case to everyone who reads her hugely symbolic and moving book. It not only described her life in fear, but her life in general as a teenager developing in every aspect-physically, emotionally, mentally... Reading her book inspires me as she was about the same age as me when she wrote it. I feel a sort of closeness to her despite the fact I never met her.. i guess in that way her dream was fulfilled. I hope to one day visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. She really was (and is in a way) an amazing young woman and I thank you for making this website-it's highly informative and interesting. THANK YOU!!!

Artemis Irvine, 16 - New Zealand - 14 Dec 2010

Anne has been a big help for me personally, because no matter how bad things can be she makes every situation brighter. All i can say is thank you for everything

John Cooper, 17 - Mount Pleasant - United States - 13 Dec 2010