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I think anne frank went threw a lot trying to just live a german everyday life but it does end up with that type of life with hitler around i know what its like to be a young girl in a big world with real bad people

Simone Burkhamer, 10 - lacombe - United States - 10 Dec 2010

Half way through the book, its wonderful!

Emma, 13 - United States - 9 Dec 2010

We read Anne Frank The Play in class. It was amazing to see what was happening in a teenage girl's perspective, About the same age as me!

Xaymara, 13 - United Kingdom - 9 Dec 2010

I'm doing a history project on Anne Frank and the timeline was extremely useful

Claire McAulay, 13 - Maldon, Essex - United Kingdom - 8 Dec 2010

No book has ever touched me the way Anne's diary did. She was an amazing human being and did more in her short life than most of us will ever do.

Marie McMahon, 48 - Dublin - Ireland - 8 Dec 2010

I think that Anna Frank was a talented girl. I was told the story at school when I was still in Holland. I will visit the Anna Frank house when we are visiting in Holland in June 2011

Fred Oppelaar, 64 - Lauderdale - Australia - 7 Dec 2010