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I actually got to see the Anne Frank House in 1970 when I went to Amsterdam to see a penpal. I loved every minute of it. I can't imagine having to go through such an ordeal.I have several of her books.

Nancy Baker, 76 - Lawrenceburg, Ky. - United States - 1 Nov 2010

I was disturbed for nearly a week after seeing the house of Anne frank.Really difficult to explain, the feelings

Naresh Babu, 39 - Madurai - India - 29 Oct 2010

I read the "Diary of Anne Frank" when I was in high school. Ever since then it was important to hear stories from survivors. My boyfriend's parents were survivors. The first place that I ever wanted to visit in Europe is the Anne Frank House. I know we will be going there together and it will be very moving for both of us.

Lori, 37 - Skokie - United States - 27 Oct 2010

very educational. Would love to visit in person some day.

Georgia Mason, 43 - Bartonville - United States - 18 Oct 2010

I think they were a strong and faithful family who did what they had too do in order yo survive

CiCi Lee, 14 - Auburn - United States - 17 Oct 2010

I feel so terrible that she came so utterly close to liberation only to end up dying. What a loss the world has had. And yet what an impact she had made with her short life. How sad that her father out-lived his beautiful family. I hope someday that I can visit The Anne Frank House. Although I know I'd cry all the way through it! She was an intelligent, profound, couragous girl who died way before her time.

Michelle (Missi) Boness, 35 - Fifield, Wisconsin - United States - 15 Oct 2010