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wow, how inspiring! I was assigned a project on Anne Frank's history and I couldn't stop reading the amazing story of her and her family! Wow!

Abby, 14 - New Brunswick - Canada - 6 Dec 2010

The diary of Anne Frank was very nice to read it gave me a better perception on how she took things at that time! :) Bless her little heart! :)

Laura, 14 - United States - 5 Dec 2010

I read the Diary of Anne Frank for the first time in 6th grade in 1972. I was Bewildered that humans could think up and do such things to other humans. I was also in Awe of Anne because she still believed in the good in humans.

Beth Zwerling, 49 - Irmo - United States - 3 Dec 2010

I think this is a very well put website, good job to all the staff for making such a good virtual website.

Ali , 14 - Lincoln Park - United States - 3 Dec 2010

My class is actting out this Anne Frank diary play and i just love this girl. she is a life time statue

Shanda, 15 - Lyons - United States - 1 Dec 2010

Anne Frank personifies the millions of children who perished due to war or persecution. Through her entries and the available photos, we realize she had a life, she had dreams, she was supposed to have a future. The short video of her looking out the window, fresh and young and carefree, made the horror of her ordeal all the more heart-wrenching.

Eleni Papaioannou, 49 - Athens - Greece - 29 Nov 2010