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the whole story of anne frank and all the others who went through the pain and suffering of that time really moves inspires me to think about others,especially what they feel. The feeling that comes over me is hard to describe because its a combination of hurt,sadness and much more. Anne and all the others will always be remembered. Thanks for sharing with the world how real llife is and i hope many others read about anne and come to a realization of the meaning of life and the way we should be and think.

nathalie , 19 - belize - Belize - 11 Sep 2010

I just finished listening to the audio version of Anne Frank's Diary. I read it as a girl in Jr High and never forgot it. I was so touched by her story. I felt that I knew her. There are no words to describe the beauty of her writing! What an awful tragedy that so many were killed for nothing. Where ever there is prejudice, there should be outrage so something like the Holocaust never happens again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jana Anderson, 56 - Brigham City, UT - United States - 10 Sep 2010

Wonderful reminder of the horror of the holocaust; of the silent courage of a family, and the steadfast love that shone through the eyes of a young girl.

Lawrence A. Buckland, Jr., 67 - Ellijay - United States - 10 Sep 2010

My wife and I traveled to Amsterdam for a day and a half and visited Anne Frank's house the day the tree fell down. We drove from Bruges, Belgium in the storm that knocked down the tree. Thank you for preserving Anne Frank's house and for allowing people to visit it. We will return someday. It forever will remain in our memories.

Antonio S. Maggiore, 35 - Edison - United States - 6 Sep 2010

This website is amazing, Anne was someone who has recently inspired me. Her words are truly remarkable, the fact she loved history is one thing we have in common and I am pursuing my dream to become a historian and Anne has been a big inspiration. Educating those on the horrors Anne faced is crucial to me and to make sure this never happens again is a cause we all must support.

Ryan Schaff, 24 - Sacramento - United States - 5 Sep 2010

Anne's diary should be required reading in schools. I first read it while at school and it has stayed with me throughout my life. Thank you Anne and thank you to everyone who is dedicated to keeping her memory alive.

Brian, 52 - Stockton on Tees - United Kingdom - 3 Sep 2010