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I think they were a strong and faithful family who did what they had too do in order yo survive

CiCi Lee, 14 - Auburn - United States - 17 Oct 2010

I feel so terrible that she came so utterly close to liberation only to end up dying. What a loss the world has had. And yet what an impact she had made with her short life. How sad that her father out-lived his beautiful family. I hope someday that I can visit The Anne Frank House. Although I know I'd cry all the way through it! She was an intelligent, profound, couragous girl who died way before her time.

Michelle (Missi) Boness, 35 - Fifield, Wisconsin - United States - 15 Oct 2010

I first read Anne Frank's story in the seventh grade, and I was intrigued. It is easily one of my favorite stories, and also one of the biggest wake-up calls. The next year, we put on The Diary of Anne Frank at our school, which allowed me to go deeper into her emotions and feelings as an actress, and it was stunning how real she is. She does not glorify any part of her story, but she expresses herself in a surprisingly eloquent manner. Great story. Tragic ending.

Carlisle Shelson, 15 - Jackson - United States - 13 Oct 2010

I read the diary of anne frank and was so impressed so i came and visited her house in amsterdam in january and i must say it brought tears to my eyes

Courteney phillips, 14 - new plymouth - New Zealand - 12 Oct 2010

just from learning about anne frank in class i know she is a great person and went through alot at her age which must have been really hard. I have not read her diary yet but i will soon and i know its going to make me a better person and she was a great girl. She wil change the wy we think and know about her life and others that went through the holocaust

brandon finnerty, 13 - lincoln park - United States - 28 Sep 2010

I first read Anne Frank's diary at age 12 or 13. Ever since, I have been impressed at how mature in observation and strong in spirit one can be at such a young age and under such extreme circumstances. I've always wanted to visit the House in person, and the beautifully made virtual museum here makes me want to do so all the more (although the audio seems to cut off a few seconds early). "Arigato gozaimasu!"

Hyoe Nakagiri, 39 - Yokohama - Japan - 25 Sep 2010