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Home sick in bed one day when I was around Anne's age, I was given a copy of her diary. I can not describe how deeply and powerfully it moved me. Her's is a story of great sadness and yet of great hope.

Megan, 21 - Petersburg - United States - 27 Aug 2010

I'm listening to Anne's diary on CD. Very moving. Her story is inspiring.

Brian Silver, 44 - Pomona - United States - 25 Aug 2010

It is truly Sad to hear that Anne's Chessnut tree has fallen.Yet there is much hope since there are saplings to live on .The tree falling on August 23 has great meaning to me for very personal reasons-Chris

Christine Cutler, 47 - Angus - Canada - 25 Aug 2010

WOW!!! It was an unbelievable experience! It was awfully sad but very touching.

Lauren, 13 - Johannesburg - South Africa - 25 Aug 2010

The story of Anne is very moving, and everyone wished that she could have lived her life: What if... ? Perhaps she would have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature? Her talent when writing her diary speaks for itself!

Volker, 37 - Bayreuth - Germany - 24 Aug 2010

We've visited The Achterhuis couple days before. I almost cried. It's most memorable museum you can visit.

Vladimir Zamansky, 34 - Pionersky - Russia - 24 Aug 2010