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A smart and inspiring girl with big dreams but little time and freedom. Your life has been a blessing for us and reminding us how we should appreciate our time and what we have now.

Evelyn Intan, 23 - Surabaya - Indonesia - 31 Dec 2017

After reading Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl, I am in absolute awe. The story of millions of Jews in hiding has never felt more real and tragic than it does now that I've heard it told so wonderfully. Anne was an incredible writer and person and she would've had so much of a life ahead of her, she wanted to be a writer and to tell stories to the world and I'm glad she got that part of her dream. She has been an huge inspiration to millions and millions of people who continue to look back on her life and remember her today.

Aisling, 11 - Portland, OR - United States - 15 Dec 2017

Dear Anne Frank, you are an amazing person and I wish I could have told you that if I knew you. You have the capacity to hold so much love in your heart it is unbelievable. You know, sometimes I complain about stuff that is happening, but you know, now I think to myself after having read your book that "who am I to complain, my life is full of safety, happiness, and people who love me, and I live in a world that now doesn't hurt, kill, and tourture people, just because they belong to a different religion. I have no valid reason to complain, when you went through so much worse, and just because of your religion, you wee killed". That is what I say to myself, and guess what, it doesn't really make me feel better in the moment, but it makes me feel less selfish. You didn't deserve, no one did, to go through what you, your friends and family, and many others went through. While you being brace during that time, I also applaud you for having fun and smiling, even though you were on life threatening situations. I don't think I would have been able to do that. I wish so much that I had gotten to meet you.

Isabella Smejtek, 13 - Portland, OR - United States - 15 Dec 2017

Reading The Diary of Anne Frank has helped bring to life the experience of Jews under Nazi rule. Although Anne’s diary is only describing the experience of eight people, it is a powerful illustration of the personal experience of Jews during World War II. It makes much more real the fact that 6 million people were killed in the Holocaust and helps show how they are simply normal people. If I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Anne Frank, I would tell her how impactful her story is to everyone across the world who has read her diary. I would also want to ask her if she had known that she only had two years to live in the Secret Annex, would she have spent her time in the Annex or thought about her situation differently.

Anya Armstrong, Portland - United States - 15 Dec 2017

I hope i can visit the annex in person

Alex Black-Brenner, 12 - Portland OR - United States - 14 Dec 2017

it's a very interesting tour and quite enjoyable. Anne's story is very sad, but gives good insight into what living in Nazi-controlled Europe was like. If I could communicate with Anne, I would want her to know that she is very much remembered.

Max Golden, 12 - Portland, OR - United States - 14 Dec 2017