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I read Anne writings for the first time more than 50 years ago! Thanks to her, I could start understanding the terrible human drama of the Holocaust. I never had the chance of visiting her House or her Museum, but I could give that chance to my wife and to my children - and I'm very glad for that. I'm sure that the tale and the memories of Anne and her Family are extremely important for Humankind and help to make a better world for all!

Paulo Roberto Casal Machado, 65 - São Paulo - Brazil - 13 Dec 2016

Anne Frank's diary is a great reminder to never take our privileges for granted. She's really inspiring.

Iya, 12 - Quezon City - Philippines - 3 Dec 2016

For history we were asked to do research and complete tasks about Anne Frank. Personally I wish everyone has the privileged to know her story. I almost cried reading some of her diary entries on how she dreamed about her future being a writer and hopes for the world to change. I understand that she did become famous but still she suffered at my age. I am astonished of her bravery and I wish I'll one day be like her. I just wish she could have lived and published the diary herself and pursued her other dreams. I just hope humanity will finally stop being selfish and treat everyone equal because that's the truth.

Helen, 15 - South Africa - 20 Oct 2016

On a beautyfull day in Amsterdam, the Sun was shinning late October. I visited the Anne Frank House while the Sun was going Down. When I Got out it was Dark. Eventough I was here one year ago, I was now again totally emotional. I read the dairy in Between and I now feed like I know her! She was Real. Jette Bruun, Denmark

Jette Bruun Andersen, 42 - Vejle - Denmark - 19 Oct 2016

If everyone in the world was made to visit the Annexe and read Anne's story... we might all develop Anne's compassion and understanding for others.. and just maybe prevent World War...

Natasha , Bristol uk - United Kingdom - 16 Oct 2016

It's very inspiring and very important that everyone knows this story.

A.L.K., United States - 11 Oct 2016