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After learning about Anne Frank, I am deeply saddened that such atrocities could be committed by human beings upon others. It is up to future generations to prevent such genocides around the globe, and ensure a safer world for all.

Hussain Mirza, 15 - Omaha, Nebraska - United States - 12 Jul 2010

i love anne frank i think she was so brave to go into hiding ,

Alessia Bruni, 22 - woodbridge - Canada - 12 Jul 2010

Anne's story is a strong torch in my heart that will never burn out.

Lisa Gorzynski, 43 - Eugene - United States - 9 Jul 2010

i dont know what to say.if ane there she understand what i trying to say her......

ketan s, 17 - ahmedabad - India - 8 Jul 2010

well, we are in school now and learning about it, i find it hard to imagine what it would be like, it helps to see how she thought at that age,

sherrie thomas & megan mark, United Kingdom - 8 Jul 2010

I first read Anne's diary as a freshman in High School, almost 40 years ago and I continue to enjoy it, over and over again. No book has ever moved me as much as Anne's Diary. May her words continue to be a inspiration to the world for time immortal.

Don Leppke, 55 - Norman, Oklahoma - United States - 7 Jul 2010