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The story of Anne is very moving, and everyone wished that she could have lived her life: What if... ? Perhaps she would have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature? Her talent when writing her diary speaks for itself!

Volker, 37 - Bayreuth - Germany - 24 Aug 2010

We've visited The Achterhuis couple days before. I almost cried. It's most memorable museum you can visit.

Vladimir Zamansky, 34 - Pionersky - Russia - 24 Aug 2010

8/24/2010 tues. reading the diary of anne frank was part of my education at st.stephen's grammar school and st francis desales[i graduated in 1969.....] my father was in the area during world war 2 and had photographs of the death camp[looks like and old farm or train station to me... kathleen mchale geneva ny seneca lake

kathleen a mchale, 59 - geneva - United States - 24 Aug 2010

I totally respect Annie Frank, Shes so Brave child, writting everyday, I always love to read about wars..but annie touched my heart so much, One day I come to this county to see around and learn more about her:)

Saxxon, 24 - Hamilton - Canada - 24 Aug 2010

thank you for putting this website together. This is should be required to be watched in its entirety for all students in addition to reading the diary.

Theodore, 47 - Philadelphia - United States - 24 Aug 2010

Leave the fallen three as it is for the coming years. As memory and respect for Anna Frank who survived two years in cellar looking at a this three. Her story is amaging and can still tell us a lot.

Niels Kall, 53 - Copenhaqgen - Denmark - 23 Aug 2010