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The big, beautiful chestnut tree is sadly gone, but it's joy was to Anne and I think that the soul of the tree was happy about that.

John McLallen, 54 - Nashville, TN - United States - 23 Aug 2010

triste per la caduta del castagno di Anna. Porteremo avanti anche questo ricordo.

sara, 38 - milan - Italy - 23 Aug 2010

All of us, any us can spark a light, though small, into a dark room, for we are heroes, everyday...

Gil Templeton, 53 - Nashville - United States - 21 Aug 2010

My husband and I just returned from Amsterdam this week and the highlight of our trip was the Anne Frank house. We would like to thank Mr. Frank for opening up this house and letting all of us feel and see what the family went through. When we went through the "hidden" passage we wanted to cry! This was very emotional time but would not trade this experience for anything, to realize what these families went through and to think that it could of happened to YOU!!

Rhonda , 44 - Waterloo, Iowa - United States - 8 Aug 2010

I fully respect to Anne Frank!..her deep thoughts & the way she express the circumstances at that time, make me feel like now she's sitting in front of me telling her stories. She's brings positive impact to my life. May God bless u always Anne, wherever u are

Julia, 26 - Jakarta - Indonesia - 5 Aug 2010

I love to read about Anne Frank. On June 15, 2010 went to Amsterdam, Holland and was able to be in Anne's house. Feel so lucky to be there.

Margarita Leal, 63 - Houston, Texas - United States - 4 Aug 2010