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It is a great blessing and my honor to be able to teach Anne's diary to my students each year. Each year when I read Anne's words I learn something new about her and myself. It is my great hope to visit the Frank's secret annex one day.

claudia kane munson, St. Paul - United States - 2 Aug 2010

On August 4,1944,Anne Frank's family and friends were betrayed. Her diary was scattered on the floor. She left her hiding place for the last time, the first in two years. She could breathe fresh air again and look at the sun and skies,but did she know what future awaited her,and what her diary would become.... God bless Anne Frank, who did not live in vain, but had no way of knowing that...

claire edwards, 12 - pittsburgh - United States - 1 Aug 2010

I am visiting Amsterdam for the first time in a couple of weeks. I am reading Anne Frank's Diary in preparation for my visit and look forward to visiting the annexe, although I suspect I will feel very emotional when I do as she allowed me to delve into her innermost thoughts and feelings whilst in hiding. Knowing about her experiences and feelings should be an integral part of European history education.

Sarah, 46 - Hereford - United Kingdom - 28 Jul 2010

I recently visited the Anne Frank house on a visit to Amsterdam and found the whole experience incredible. From entering the house to feeling the cold chill that creeps upon you when visiting the secret annex. I was a humbling experience.

Caroline, 31 - Hartlepool - United Kingdom - 26 Jul 2010

i love this website it has so much information and i have learn heaps of things about Anne Frank

john, 15 - auckland - New Zealand - 25 Jul 2010

The museum was moving, touching and highly sensitive in honour to Anne Franks spirit - thank you so much! Remembering her means the abscense of any kind of intolerance.

Christian, 28 - Bielefeld - Germany - 25 Jul 2010