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I have been reading Anne Frank's Diary for about two days now and (I read a short excerpt of her story when I was on sixth grade about 6 years ago.) in that short span of time, Anne was already making impact on my life. And as I delve deeper into her thoughts and secrets, I discover that we share the same dream and passion. She has set an excellent example to follow and she'll certainly be my inspiration. Anne Frank's legend will continue to live on and her courage and faith will always be remembered.

Hannah Edrosa, 17 - Marikina City - Philippines - 22 Jul 2010

I have just read "Anne Frank; The diary of a young girl" and i was fascinated by Anne, of how she has written details of the WWII.

Therese Madelene reantaso, 25 - Philippines - 22 Jul 2010

I tried to watch a movie about Anne Frank last night. But I couldn't finish because the tragedy was too overwhelming. The movie starred Melissa Gilbert and was made in 1980. I am Native American (Apache) from Arizona. The experience of Jews in WWII is horrifying. I have a 16 year old niece who is leaving America for a class trip to Europe this week with other American teenagers. I encouraged her to visit the tourist destination for Anne Frank. The movie about her diary overwhelmed me because I have teenage nieces. I can only imagine the family's horror upon deportation. Anne Frank is a legacy to be revered for her contribution as a gifted writer. Take care and God bless.

Manuel, Tallahassee, FL - United States - 14 Jul 2010

i recently read annes diary and have just done the interactive walk through the annex.Anne and her family and the others hideing with them must have lived with so much fear every day plus not being able to go ouside or make any noise must have been frustrating.Annes diary is an outstanding record of one of the worst times in human history and a remarkable record of a young girls bravery and she should never be forgotten.

nicola richards, 44 - trowbridge - United Kingdom - 14 Jul 2010

Today I had the opportunity to see the 2001 film--Anne Frank (The Whole Story). Anne's Story has always touched my heart throughout my life. It was my Father who educated me about this horrifying event in our lives. Today though, I noticed myself feeling very empathetic regarding all the suffering endured by so many. The movie is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to know more about this difficult journey experienced by Anne's family and those she knew and loved. Thank You Mr Frank for letting us learn so much about life through the eyes of your daughter. Anne perhaps I feel so moved at seeing this move today because it marks the date of your birth--7-12-10. I am so glad you were born--because of you others are challenged to live a more tollerent and loving life. God Bless you all as you live out eternity with God in his heaven.

Lydia Cox, 54 - williston - United States - 12 Jul 2010

After learning about Anne Frank, I am deeply saddened that such atrocities could be committed by human beings upon others. It is up to future generations to prevent such genocides around the globe, and ensure a safer world for all.

Hussain Mirza, 15 - Omaha, Nebraska - United States - 12 Jul 2010