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i love anne frank i think she was so brave to go into hiding ,

Alessia Bruni, 22 - woodbridge - Canada - 12 Jul 2010

Anne's story is a strong torch in my heart that will never burn out.

Lisa Gorzynski, 43 - Eugene - United States - 9 Jul 2010

i dont know what to say.if ane there she understand what i trying to say her......

ketan s, 17 - ahmedabad - India - 8 Jul 2010

well, we are in school now and learning about it, i find it hard to imagine what it would be like, it helps to see how she thought at that age,

sherrie thomas & megan mark, United Kingdom - 8 Jul 2010

I first read Anne's diary as a freshman in High School, almost 40 years ago and I continue to enjoy it, over and over again. No book has ever moved me as much as Anne's Diary. May her words continue to be a inspiration to the world for time immortal.

Don Leppke, 55 - Norman, Oklahoma - United States - 7 Jul 2010

I first read Anne's diary as a school assignment in fifthe grade. Her story touched me so much that since living in Europe and visiting Germany I remembered her story. I've taken my daughter to the website, taught her a bit about Anne, and played the movie for her. I think it is important that as one generation passes, we who are touched and inspired must spread Anne's light on. The only way to prevent another holocaust is to educate our children and teach them to also spread the word to their children. Survivors of Anne's era are fewer everyday and we who are alive, must continue with their stories, and Anne's story. I walk down the streets where I live and see reminders of WWII in many places, an eagle here, a missing swastika there. It is my hope that never again will history repeat.

Melissa Marzullo, 35 - US Military family living in Italy - United States - 7 Jul 2010