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I visited the museum at age 12 in 1974 and was awed by it as I had just read the diary. I remember signing a guestbook as we entered the house.Do you still have it and could it possibly be published online? I'd love to see my signature all these years later. I hope the house is forever kept open as it's a crucial part of world history and many young people today view WWII as an ancient conflict that has no connection to their lives. They need this to remind them that this type of genocide is still happening in places like Rwanda, Croatia and Eastern Europe in general. God bless you and all the important work you do.

Adam Barber, 47 - Harlingen - United States - 19 Jun 2010

I Read the Diary . And i am totally moved . Its really touching wish u were alive . And happy birthday to u . May u rest in peace

Tamsil, 14 - Houston - United States - 17 Jun 2010

You are an amazing person who has touched more lives than I believe even your most ambitious mind would ever imagine. Thank you for your mind and your story

Caitlin, 33 - Torquay - Australia - 17 Jun 2010

Because i was so young i find it hard to remember the WW2 years and what i remember seems as though it were a dream. I wish i could recall more but know that there are still people alive who wish that what they do remember HAD been a dream. I salute Anne and her family and friends and all the people who lives were touched by those years.but have left a legacy from which others may learn.

Jean Browne, 70 - Liverpool - United Kingdom - 15 Jun 2010

I love the story of Anne Frank. She is just really inspiring. I just love history in general but I especially like WW2 because so many things happened. And the message given behind those many things is so deep and profound, like the diary of Anne Frank,it just touches you.

Iliana, 12 - Miami - United States - 15 Jun 2010

The will God gives for people to overcome such pain in life is beyond me. This is a wonderful site! Thank you for sharing this will the world.

Charlotte Downey, 60 - East Jordan - United States - 13 Jun 2010