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The first time I read the diary i was in fifth grade. I have re-read it may times since. When I was young still, I said that if I have a daughter, I shall name her Anneliese after Anneliese Frank. I had three sons before i finally had our first daughter. Her name is Anneliese.

Beth Huntington, 52 - New haven, CT - United States - 6 Jul 2010

This is a truely a great book. I had never seen such a document that expressed what every young person thinks. She has become an inspiration to me. Now, I keep a Journal. May she always be remembered. I wish to visit the museum in the future.

Ruben, 14 - Houston - United States - 2 Jul 2010

I have been to the house in Amsterdam and it was difficult to take it all in during a one hour visit. The online visit is really fasinating and brilliantly done especially with the comments by Anne from her diary.It brings it alive.What an amazing girl Anne was profound one minute and her observations so witty the next. She really makes me laugh at times.What a tragic loss to the world,so sad.

stephen buchanan, 53 - ipswich - United Kingdom - 1 Jul 2010

I love reading the dairy. Every chance I get I watch Anne Frank the Whole Story. If I do get a chance tp visit Amsterdam my first place to visit would be the Anne Frank House.

Rebekah Mitts, 16 - Springfield - United States - 30 Jun 2010

I just read the diary for the second time around and I was almost crying by the end of the book. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that people could kill their brethren so savagely. And one thing very important about Anne herself is that she was a person, not just a child, just like she wanted the world to see her. The book shows all emotions that she ever went through and also how she managed to handle all the situations. She was a WOMAN of true spirit! Kudos to her!

Sonali, India - 28 Jun 2010

I have never had a hero that was not a family member until I read about Anne Frank. Your diary inspires me so much and it makes me appreciate the life I have and that I shouldn't complain about the things I do not have. I can't imagine what she went through, but you are such an inspiration. I hope to visit the museum next summer to learn a lot more about you.

Lynn Viola, 17 - Boston, MA - United States - 27 Jun 2010