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Although I have visited Amsterdam I have not yet seen the museum. I will make it my top priority on my next visit.

Charles Pilbeam, 54 - Grimoldby, Louth - United Kingdom - 25 Jun 2010

I've been a working actor for over twenty years, and thave had had the opportuinity to appear on stage as Otto Frank. We had a three week run, and during our last matinee, there wasn't a dry eye in the house.I. along with the others in the cast, felt that Anne's spirit was watching over us.

Alan Heillig, 55 - Montreal - Canada - 24 Jun 2010

i was totally moved after being in the anne frank house. it definetly brought tears to my eyes to think how beautiful amsterdam is and how horrible that part of history. i left with tears in my eyes . to me, i know it happend. but it doesnt seem sooo real until you see it first hand. it has inspired me to become a teacher sooo i can share my expiernces to make sure that im doing my part to keep the racial hate away... god bless the frank family and all of the silent voices of the holocaust victims....

jessica stephens, 24 - reno, nv - United States - 24 Jun 2010

I am just in awe of how brave, gifted, and inspiring this child was. I hope she will forever live through keeping her memory alive. I feel it's important for all of us to see and hear about Anne and other heroes such as herself.

Mandy, United States - 24 Jun 2010

Anne Frank is my inspiration to live life to the fullest. We can only wish to touch as many lives as she did. She is a model of a writer expressing things that often can nit be put into words; the frustrations, joys, and wonders that we all know so well. Her mischievous manner has inspired me to dump water on people's heads underneath my balcony! Her love of life and way with words is something you do not see much anymore. I strted my own journal after reading her diary twice. Instead of naming my diary 'Kitty', I named mine Anne, after Anne Frank and my grandmother. She made me see the world as something to enjoy, something that I have the CHANCE to live, unlike her and the many other Jews that died so young. I am not a Jew, but the sadness in her story, in the world's story, is almost unbearable. Through all that happened to her, she stayed hopeful. She is MY hero. I finish with her words: "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Catie, 12 - United States - 22 Jun 2010

WW2 showed us the worst side of human hatred and death. Through her writing, Anne brought us a view of beauty, love of life and the untarnished soul of humanity. I desparately hope that lessons learned will never be forgotten and that the soul of human good will prevail in the years ahead. Long live Anne

Dewey, 62 - United States - 21 Jun 2010