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I love the story of Anne Frank. She is just really inspiring. I just love history in general but I especially like WW2 because so many things happened. And the message given behind those many things is so deep and profound, like the diary of Anne Frank,it just touches you.

Iliana, 12 - Miami - United States - 15 Jun 2010

The will God gives for people to overcome such pain in life is beyond me. This is a wonderful site! Thank you for sharing this will the world.

Charlotte Downey, 60 - East Jordan - United States - 13 Jun 2010

The courage this family had is inspiring to all who are facing much trouble in todays world. Thanks to Annes diary the world and generations to come will know the perscution this family had and the courage. Hope ,this will never happen again. Anne and her family and all the jews who were persecuted are Angels and God is taking care of them .

Helen Ellison, 63 - Streamwood, Illinois - United States - 13 Jun 2010

anne's story moved me and i hope that people learn and are moved by it as well, i hope to learn more about what happened to her and her life. i am going to read her book.

ann'd michalek, 27 - United States - 13 Jun 2010

Today is June 12, 2010. Anne would have been 81 years old. My mom and I had cake with candles and sang, "Happy Birthday to You." We watched the PBS movie of your diary and we cried. I wish you had lived. Thank you for your courage and your diary.

Jordan, 13 - Harlingen - United States - 13 Jun 2010

Dearest Anne, I have read your diary many, many times until the pages are frayed. I have carried it with me for 20 years. I am grateful to this website for en lighting me even further. A Sincere thanks to the historians and Museum curators that have carried out such an amazing purpose. The purpose to remember to never ever forget. This most amazing Young lady and her family, and the friends that were helpful to them in this horrible time of misjudgment.

Heather Beveridge, 32 - Dawson City - Canada - 13 Jun 2010