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all i wanted to say on june,12,2010 i want to wish anne frank a happy birthday

Amairani Chavez, 13 - union city - United States - 13 Jun 2010

Happy Birthday in Heaven Dear Anne you are remembered each year with much Love

Melissa Jossa, 66 - Flushing New York - United States - 12 Jun 2010

Happy Birthday, Anne Frank . 81 years ago you wrote your first notes to your diary, the notes that make you now famous. May we always remember your special day, and cherish the gift of life we are given. God bless you,Anne.

claire edwards, 12 - pittsburgh - United States - 12 Jun 2010

Thank you for the time you worked to put this site together. I read Anne's diary when I was a boy, and I never will be able to go there, so seeing everything means so much. Thank you.

John Merritt, 55 - Covington, WA - United States - 12 Jun 2010

Anne has long been of my heroines; her fighting spirit, at times, invokes mine. I've been to the house in Amsterdam. At that time, I was more enthralled with being in Europe than totally paying attention. Your site changes all that. Thank you for helping me me pay BETTER attention and for reminding ALL of us that these kinds of things (a Holocaust) should not happen again.

Becca, 56 - Chamblee - United States - 12 Jun 2010

I grew up with the story of Anne Frank and was very inspired with this family's bravery. I am glad to have visited this website. Anne's story is a part of history that needs to be told.

Linda C, 65 - Pennsylvania - United States - 12 Jun 2010