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this is an amazing site, and i love how this teaches people about anne frank

tessa , 14 - san diego - United Kingdom - 7 Jun 2010

this is a very inpirational and informative website. i like that it is highly interactive.

Mckenzie Pringle, La Jolla - United States - 7 Jun 2010

Very interesting museum i've been there and it really interesting

Ben, United Kingdom - 7 Jun 2010

i would just like to praise the amazing Anne Frank for all that she did. i would also like to thank the creators and writers of this website that are spreading the knowledge of this amazing young lady that died in vain. We remember you, Anne Frank for the incredable things you've done. Thanks.

charlotte hathaway, 13 - United Kingdom - 7 Jun 2010

i visited years ago,ive just completed the diary and am speechless. profound and a warning to everyone - filled me with great sadness.

charlotte stancliffe clayton, 24 - sheffield uk - United Kingdom - 7 Jun 2010

the virtual tour online is like walking through the house! An amazing website educating people all over the world!

peter, 27 - Belgium - 5 Jun 2010