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Anne Frank has been an inspiration to me for many years. Even at a very young age she was able to face adversity in the most difficult of times. She looked past the evil that was inflicted on her and saw the good in people. I am very anxious to visit The Secret Annex in August.

Mary Streeto, 37 - Boston - United States - 3 Jun 2010

Anne, I pray that in heaven you know of the blessings your words in your diary have brought to so many people. You encourage me to appreciate my freedom, to treat others with kindness, and to believe that people are really good at heartThank you, Anne, for helping me want to be a better person. Love, Penny

Penny, 57 - Ripon, Wisconsin - United States - 2 Jun 2010

i have read her book have seen films and it always ends with me crying just feeling the pain and frustrations of a young girl just trying to live, picturing myself in her shoes deprived of so many things and yet still find sanity and comfort with such simplicity she was amazing! she was soo brave and mature it makes you really see what we today have to be grateful for and how much we take for granted i admire Anne Frank and love her soul. i could only dream to be as brave as her. may she and her family and the ones who hid in the annex always and forever be remembered. it goes to show how awful and horrible war is!!!

angie , 21 - boston - United States - 2 Jun 2010

I had heard very little about Miss Franks. But your website has changed that.Thank you.

Scott Brown, 57 - Dallas - United States - 2 Jun 2010

Let us never forget!!

Christopher Roberts, 43 - Troy, Michigan - United States - 1 Jun 2010

Like many American school children, Anne's diary was required reading when I was thirteen years old. I don't know why, but it's only now -- over twenty years later -- that I'm appreciating Anne's wit, honesty, and undeniable talent. Although Anne's diary will always be -- and always should be -- required reading for children because of its historic significance, I hope that adults will revisit it and see it for what it is: a work of art.

Vina, 35 - Portland, OR - United States - 1 Jun 2010