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Happy Birthday Anne! Its heartbreaking to think that you would be 81, if you were alive. I still think you are, somewhere out there. I love you Anne xx R.I.P

Ciara , 12 - Ireland - 12 Jun 2010

My Birth-Date 06-12-1961-My Soul has this inter-connection with Anne.My Personal Compassion for All Living Creatures,brings me to tears, knowing the Brutality of Mankind!

Regina Watson McGrath, 49 - Palm Desert - United States - 12 Jun 2010

Anne's spirit is strong and continues to offer inspiration to the world .I know she is in my thoughts and when I see how strong her message and legacy are it continues to give hope that all who believe in respecting each person and showing tolerance will indeed make our world better by joining and remaining faithful that Anne and her message of believing in human goodness is what can make things better.My wishes for all who try to live by this are peace and hope.Warmly Christine

Christine Cutler, 47 - Ontario - Canada - 12 Jun 2010

Great site!

Austin, downingtown - United States - 10 Jun 2010

I really enjoyed reading this because i learned what they go thru when they are hiding down there. I learned more about anne frank and her diary.

loagan wilkins, 15 - downingtown - United States - 10 Jun 2010

I recently watched a movie about Anne Frank. I am so moved and feel so sad that the Jews were persecuted. So many lives were taken. I especially was saddened when I learned that children were gassed. What kind of monsters would do such evil! God is with these wonderful people and will forever take care of them. Your website is wonderful.

Arissa Prichard, United States - 8 Jun 2010