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This website is great, and very organized, I love it! Thanks for doing such a great job!

John Jordan Scallan-Feierabend, 23 - Dayton, Texas - United States - 20 May 2010

I havn't been to where Anne kept her diary, but my friend had been there and also saw the Anne Frank tree.

Charlotte Fong, 7 - Hong Kong - China - 20 May 2010

anne frank was such a strong female influence on history

Amber p., 14 - Burlington - United States - 19 May 2010

I love Anne Franks Story

Tony Sawyers, 14 - Burlington - United States - 19 May 2010

Anne Frank was and amazing girl and I really like her diary because i think I can relate to what she was going through better because she was the same age I was

Lauren Price, 12 - St.Charles - United States - 19 May 2010

i can really relate to this because im the same age as she was and i cant imagine being in a house for 2 years with out have a phone or talk to any friends and it is horible i cant belive such a sick minded freak would do this to people just because there religion its just so wrong and nobody desirve to be treated like this i dont think that hitler would have liked it if he went through what they did so if he was in it i dont think he would have done it to them i think those who surived are so lucky it not even funny after reading daniel's story with my teacher and learning about anne frank i wish that the usa would have done something faster than they did

sierra fisher, 12 - St. Charles - United States - 19 May 2010