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Let us never forget!!

Christopher Roberts, 43 - Troy, Michigan - United States - 1 Jun 2010

Like many American school children, Anne's diary was required reading when I was thirteen years old. I don't know why, but it's only now -- over twenty years later -- that I'm appreciating Anne's wit, honesty, and undeniable talent. Although Anne's diary will always be -- and always should be -- required reading for children because of its historic significance, I hope that adults will revisit it and see it for what it is: a work of art.

Vina, 35 - Portland, OR - United States - 1 Jun 2010

I have read Anne's Diary many times. Her life is the one of only two things that actually interest me. I'm extremely shocked to see how many of my schoolmates are not informed about Anne Frank or honor her. I wish you were still alive today Anne. R.I.P

Shreya, United States - 29 May 2010

I have watched her movies and read her book and It still get's to me every time. I can't imagine going through what she, her family & the rest went through. She is a very strong girl to have to endure such hardship & tragedy. Please let this never happen again. Even if your too young to know. Remember the holocaust. Learn from the past and never let it happen in the future. To the people that made it through and those that didn't my prayer's are with you.

MiChelle, United States - 28 May 2010

Dear Anne, how I wished I could have known you before -we would have been the best of friends. Maybe sometime, somewhere we will.

Alma, 68 - Miami - United States - 26 May 2010

The Dutch people, and the family who protected the Jews in their house, should be claimed Xassidei Umot HaOlam (perhaps they are). If there is a God in Heaven, and if one tries to understand His Mind, I would say that Anne had to die in the forties so that decades would pass and her existence and fate would become established and confirmed in such a manner that no media whatever (of the kind one has seen developing in the past decade) would be able to falsify the veritas and to rewrite history. Thank you again, the Dutch people,

liorabs, Tel Avv - Israel - 26 May 2010