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Anne Frank has always been an inspiration to me ever since I first read her diary when I was around 12 years old. I visited Amsterdam a few years ago as was one of my dreams to visit Anne's hiding place and the other places she knew. Unfortunatly as a wheelchair user I was unable to enter the museum because of the building's very steep and narrow layout. However I am very impressed by the virtual Anne Frank Huis and I am glad that they have found a way to introduce Anne's story and 'het achterhuis' to those who would otherwise be unable to visit it.

Charlotte Claydon, 22 - North Yorkshire - United Kingdom - 16 May 2010

I think this website was a good idea. It shows the important facts and of not only Anne herself but more.

Jessica Ruiz Arteaga, 13 - Round Lake Beach - United States - 14 May 2010

I like this website.

Jason Mann, Afghanistan - 14 May 2010

I raelly think that the Anne Frank story really touch peoples heart, I know it touched mine.

Misael A., 13 - Chicago - United States - 14 May 2010

It was such a different experience for me having a chance to look into Anne's's been 68 years since the first page of this diary was written, however it still remains so real...thank you Anne for giving me an opportunity to see the war through the eyes of a teenage girl. Thank you Webmasters for a chance to visit the so realistic annexe. I do better understand everything and I am so sorry for her and other Judes killed during the War not only in Auschwitz in Poland. If only somebody could turn back time...

Agnieszka, 21 - Poznan - Poland - 13 May 2010

I visited the Anne Frank House in the Spring of 2007 as part of my travels during a study abroad experience in Wales. Now, I am an English teacher at Kettering Middle School in Dayton, Ohio, USA, and am teaching my students who Anne is and the life and legacy she has left behind.

Craig Byer, 23 - Kettering - United States - 13 May 2010