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This is very interesting. I have read about Anne in school, and then went to this site. It surprises me how bad it was for some people, even people as young as I. Anne sounds like someone a lot like me. Annes story is a tragic one... May we never forget the true horrors of the holocaust

Justin Coley, 13 - Mansfield, Texas - United States - 25 May 2010

I look up to anne frank as my idol i am so glad that she has made such an influence on alot of people i wish i could have met her because it would have meant the world to me I <3 YOU ANNE FRANK

Amairani Chavez, 13 - Union City - United States - 22 May 2010

Anne Frank is the voice of all innocent people.Her Diary is proof of the struggle for dignity and justice not for being Jewish you are less than anyone else.

Fermina, Spain - 22 May 2010

They asked me to give a little inside on the war and Anne Frank in a school project-Born in Holland and Grandma a neighbor of Anne Frank this site was great to bring back memories I ty to forget-Thank you

Elly Franke, 71 - Mahwah - United States - 22 May 2010

The site is really good, and informative, and i LOVED the tour of the secret annex!!

Jen, 14 - United States - 21 May 2010

This website is great, and very organized, I love it! Thanks for doing such a great job!

John Jordan Scallan-Feierabend, 23 - Dayton, Texas - United States - 20 May 2010