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I havn't been to where Anne kept her diary, but my friend had been there and also saw the Anne Frank tree.

Charlotte Fong, 7 - Hong Kong - China - 20 May 2010

anne frank was such a strong female influence on history

Amber p., 14 - Burlington - United States - 19 May 2010

I love Anne Franks Story

Tony Sawyers, 14 - Burlington - United States - 19 May 2010

Anne Frank was and amazing girl and I really like her diary because i think I can relate to what she was going through better because she was the same age I was

Lauren Price, 12 - St.Charles - United States - 19 May 2010

i can really relate to this because im the same age as she was and i cant imagine being in a house for 2 years with out have a phone or talk to any friends and it is horible i cant belive such a sick minded freak would do this to people just because there religion its just so wrong and nobody desirve to be treated like this i dont think that hitler would have liked it if he went through what they did so if he was in it i dont think he would have done it to them i think those who surived are so lucky it not even funny after reading daniel's story with my teacher and learning about anne frank i wish that the usa would have done something faster than they did

sierra fisher, 12 - St. Charles - United States - 19 May 2010

I visited the Anne Frank House when I was in Amsterdam years ago, and the virtual tour is just as compelling and heartbreaking as was the time walking through their home. Thank you for placing this resource online.

Jon Northwood, 43 - Portland - United States - 19 May 2010