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wonderful!!! =)

Daloris Johnson, 25 - Chicago - United States - 10 May 2010

We visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in 1991. An amazing story.

Lynn Newman, 63 - Brisbane - Australia - 10 May 2010

Congratulian to Ni Wayan Mertyani for her achievement. She is following the path paved by Anne Frank; a path which will surely leads Wayan's life to achange. Selamat again for your achievement.

I Gusti Made Sutjaja, 66 - Denpasar - Indonesia - 10 May 2010

The website was really easy to follow and gave plenty of background information to the Anne Frank story. Anne Frank is someone I greatly admire. She has more courage than I do

Charlene, 14 - Chicago - United States - 10 May 2010

I was eleneven years old when i read for the first time the story of Anne. Her courage change me and i wanted to be a better person. Since then, i've read two times more this great book.Anne stood my heroin.

Daniela Monteiro, 39 - Lisbon - Portugal - 8 May 2010

In my country i dont have friends to speak about Anne Frank and Diary. If someone want to speak with me can write to my mail:

Merima, 20 - Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 8 May 2010