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I've always been told "you must learn the past to change the futue"now i know what it really means.In order to stop something like the Holocaust from happening again,we must learn of all the suffering endured by those in it

Demetri, 14 - Round Lake - United States - 13 May 2010

It was a dream come true to have visited the Anne Frank House and Museum..I read her diary when I was a young girl and have been so inspired by it all my life!!

Victoria Ozuna Gadd, 64 - McAllen - United States - 13 May 2010

this site rocks

cory langson, 16 - okla - United States - 12 May 2010

I am in the 8th grade at Northwest Elementry School of Newport , Tennessee 37821 . We just got done reading about Anne Frank . I really enjoyed reading about her . We are researching about her life as a kid . I would have to admit that she did have a ruff life growing up . If she would have had a good life like we do today then her and her family wouldnt have been in the situation that they was in . I think that more schools should read about Anne Frank .

Markisha Allen, 14 - Newport - United States - 12 May 2010

Beautiful site. Makes me cry

david macmillan, 63 - nantes - France - 12 May 2010

I thought that the Anne Frank story was a great book about a family that has to go into hiding because they want to avoid the Nazis. I hope something like this never happens again

Misael Arrieta, 13 - Round Lake - United States - 12 May 2010