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As a teacher (retired) I taught "The Diary of Anne Frank" and it was always my most difficult assignment, as it was not a piece of fiction, but a story where the outcome made her accounts that much more poignant. Reading some of the passages in class was always a difficult time for me. I believe it should and will be a story for all time that will forever cross all barriers between all people and is a message that the human spirit will always rise above. Anne's writing will always be an example to everyone and while people have wondered what skills she may have shown if she had gained her freedom, I feel that her skills were already there and in fact were in part, a product of "the Secret Annex".

Brian Logie, 67 - London, Ontario - Canada - 11 May 2010

really amazing and inspiring to me, so touching.

Haryo, 30 - Semarang - Indonesia - 11 May 2010

i like the book,play,and movie.i really feel bad about what happen but i do love to hear this story but its also sad.

stephany Irby, 15 - roundlakepark - United States - 11 May 2010

wonderful!!! =)

Daloris Johnson, 25 - Chicago - United States - 10 May 2010

We visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in 1991. An amazing story.

Lynn Newman, 63 - Brisbane - Australia - 10 May 2010

Congratulian to Ni Wayan Mertyani for her achievement. She is following the path paved by Anne Frank; a path which will surely leads Wayan's life to achange. Selamat again for your achievement.

I Gusti Made Sutjaja, 66 - Denpasar - Indonesia - 10 May 2010