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I read the book when i was 14 years ago. It left quite an impression on me.

Aafke, 69 - Camarillo - United States - 3 Jan 2017

It is amazing how brilliant Anne was. World's greatest poet.

Harry Hubbard, 57 - Iuka - United States - 18 Dec 2016

I read Anne writings for the first time more than 50 years ago! Thanks to her, I could start understanding the terrible human drama of the Holocaust. I never had the chance of visiting her House or her Museum, but I could give that chance to my wife and to my children - and I'm very glad for that. I'm sure that the tale and the memories of Anne and her Family are extremely important for Humankind and help to make a better world for all!

Paulo Roberto Casal Machado, 65 - São Paulo - Brazil - 13 Dec 2016

Anne Frank's diary is a great reminder to never take our privileges for granted. She's really inspiring.

Iya, 12 - Quezon City - Philippines - 3 Dec 2016

For history we were asked to do research and complete tasks about Anne Frank. Personally I wish everyone has the privileged to know her story. I almost cried reading some of her diary entries on how she dreamed about her future being a writer and hopes for the world to change. I understand that she did become famous but still she suffered at my age. I am astonished of her bravery and I wish I'll one day be like her. I just wish she could have lived and published the diary herself and pursued her other dreams. I just hope humanity will finally stop being selfish and treat everyone equal because that's the truth.

Helen, 15 - South Africa - 20 Oct 2016

On a beautyfull day in Amsterdam, the Sun was shinning late October. I visited the Anne Frank House while the Sun was going Down. When I Got out it was Dark. Eventough I was here one year ago, I was now again totally emotional. I read the dairy in Between and I now feed like I know her! She was Real. Jette Bruun, Denmark

Jette Bruun Andersen, 42 - Vejle - Denmark - 19 Oct 2016