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We visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in 1991. An amazing story.

Lynn Newman, 63 - Brisbane - Australia - 10 May 2010

Congratulian to Ni Wayan Mertyani for her achievement. She is following the path paved by Anne Frank; a path which will surely leads Wayan's life to achange. Selamat again for your achievement.

I Gusti Made Sutjaja, 66 - Denpasar - Indonesia - 10 May 2010

The website was really easy to follow and gave plenty of background information to the Anne Frank story. Anne Frank is someone I greatly admire. She has more courage than I do

Charlene, 14 - Chicago - United States - 10 May 2010

I was eleneven years old when i read for the first time the story of Anne. Her courage change me and i wanted to be a better person. Since then, i've read two times more this great book.Anne stood my heroin.

Daniela Monteiro, 39 - Lisbon - Portugal - 8 May 2010

In my country i dont have friends to speak about Anne Frank and Diary. If someone want to speak with me can write to my mail:

Merima, 20 - Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 8 May 2010

Who knew that such an honest, bold, & brave diary coming from a young adult could change thousands of lives. It is within her writing that we must never take anything for granted. To live each day improving the world around us.

Ruthie, 23 - Palm Springs - United States - 7 May 2010