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Anne's story is one of a few that actually took my heart and ripped it in two. The powerful words of her diary and her father's contributions to preventing intolerance have changed my view of the world and how to live.

WMS English Class, 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

As an teacher of students who are Anne Frank's age, I hope through the study of her life to instill in them the knowledge and inspiration to fight intolerance and injustice around the world.

stefanie dreizen, Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

Het boek van Anne Frank Heb IK nu pas gelezen, IK bewonder Haar Echt, Wat EEN Sterke persoonlijkheid was DAT ZO Ze tochjammer Ze is jong O VERLEDEN. Jose

jose, alphen aan den rijn - Netherlands - 5 May 2010

How incredible! How wonderful! Most especially the film interviews. Whenever Miep Gies spoke about her feelings, I almost started to cry. What a fantastic human being she, her husband, and all that gave so selflessly were. I passed this link to friends.

Pamela Bennett, 53 - Salt Lake City - United States - 4 May 2010

I have visited Anna Frank's family home a few years ago...... we shall never forget...... May this never happen again

James Rawding , 60 - Halifax - Canada - 3 May 2010

Anne Frank's extraordinary courage is forever etched on the hearts and minds of the millions who've read her diary and visited her hiding place. She will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Lori Lamb, 52 - Phoenix - United States - 3 May 2010