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Anne Frank was a remarkable person. To have the courage and strength to be able to handle the hiding from the Nazi's and still maintain a positive outlook on life was extroardinry. Even though the camps took her life her story is still an inspiration to all.

Williamsburg Middle School, 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

Anne is still today a inspiring figure even at the age she was. She teaches people to keep a positive outlook in whatever circumstances are upon you. We can all learn something from Anne and her story.

Tyler, Niya, Henry, Reece, Washington, D.C - United States - 5 May 2010

We have been learning about Anne Frank in class and were inspired by her motivation and ability to live in small confines during many long years. It must have been incredibly hard to be with so many people with out any time alone.It is incredilble that she kept her sanity and will to go on through some of the toughest times and that is why she should be admired by everyone.

Nitesh koirala, William Hardy, 14 - arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

This week we have learned about the hardships and adversity that Anne had to deal with in her life. Though life goes on we will never forget her story, nor will we forget the stories of the millions of Jews that were involved in this disgrace to humanaity. Annes story has moved us and the others in our classroom her story will be remembered forever.

Vanesa Francisco Marshall, 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

Due to the tremendous courage of Anne Frank, I now pronounce the dedication of our lives to the learning and helping the Anne Frank foundation. I would also like to send my best wishes to everyone who was hurt by the loss of Anne and the rest of the Frank family. She has greatly inspired everyone and should never be forgotten.

Nathan Jones, Jeremiah L, and Andy, 14 - Arlington Virginia - United States - 5 May 2010

To Anne Frank with all the potential but not the oppourtunity. Her experiences will remain with us forever.

Henry, Genevieve, Jason, and Jennifer, 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010