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Anne Frank is inspiring, and our class in PA is learning about Anne frank and the Holocaust and what they lived through. She inspired me, and I hope I could be as bave as her.

Vanessa Rose, 14 - Malvern - United States - 7 May 2010

Anne was a true form of inspiratin. There will never be someone so young as to make such a big impact on the world again.

Sarah G., 13 - Paoli - United States - 7 May 2010

very cool, interesting girl, that came to a tragic end

william, 20 - brisbane - Australia - 6 May 2010

Anne Frank was such a wonderful, courages person. I am 15 and the thought of dying at such a young age is very saddening. I wish to have the courage she had.

Shawna Budzol, 15 - Rochester Hills - United States - 5 May 2010

We admire her and how she wrote the diary so that the outside world can see her life. We appreciate that we can better understand children's life before and during hiding.

Emily, Kristina, Piki, United States - 5 May 2010

We are touched by Anne Frank because of her unique personality and ability to persevere during an extremely difficult time. We feel that through her diary, her past lives on and inspires us all!

Molly, Emily, Edgar, Zaya, Hanna , 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010