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I have read this book multiple times and still come away with a huge level of inspiration.

carolyn, 50 - Calgary - Canada - 5 May 2010

Anne Frank was an international symbol of bravery and perseverance. She touched many people's lives with her story of standing strong against persecution. She has taught later generations of the effects of hatred on other people's lives.

Cara, Caroline, John, and Ned., Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

No one deserves to be forced to live the way Anne Frank did, always in fear of losing everything she loved. Let humanity never face this injustice again. She inspires us even to this day.

Erin, David, Nick, Will, and McKay , 14 - Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

A story everyone should read... History must never repeat this horrible tragedy. A message of kindness, hope, and forgiveness without revenge for children and adults everywhere.

Williamsburg, Arlington - United States - 5 May 2010

We are inspired by Anne's story and think she was a remarkable writer and could have done great things in her lifetime, although she still made such an impact on the world. She stands for honesty, determination, hope, and perserverance and we hope to spread her message throughout the world.

Kathleen, Colleen, Alston, Sophie, United States - 5 May 2010

Listening to Anne's story made us realize what she went through. Nobody should have to experience something so terrible. She was inspiring and seemed like a great person.

Aly, Alex, and Matt, 14 - Washington, DC - United States - 5 May 2010