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How incredible! How wonderful! Most especially the film interviews. Whenever Miep Gies spoke about her feelings, I almost started to cry. What a fantastic human being she, her husband, and all that gave so selflessly were. I passed this link to friends.

Pamela Bennett, 53 - Salt Lake City - United States - 4 May 2010

I have visited Anna Frank's family home a few years ago...... we shall never forget...... May this never happen again

James Rawding , 60 - Halifax - Canada - 3 May 2010

Anne Frank's extraordinary courage is forever etched on the hearts and minds of the millions who've read her diary and visited her hiding place. She will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Lori Lamb, 52 - Phoenix - United States - 3 May 2010

Anne was always looking on the posititve aspects in the toughest times. She spoke her mind and always stood up for what she believed in, I really admire her.

Osiris G, 14 - United States - 3 May 2010

A fantastic site that carries on the message of Anne's diary.

Randi, United States - 3 May 2010

My daughter is reading the book and I asked out of interest what it was about. When I heard of the betrayal and the Frank daughters fate in Belsen I was floored!! My grandfather took in an evacuee family from Belfast which was regularly bombed during WW2. There was also a teenage girl. They lived in the hay loft above the old barn.

Raymond, 44 - Ballynahinch - United Kingdom - 3 May 2010