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Great story and very Interesting.

Caroline E. Lockhart, 63 - Buffalo New York - United States - 2 May 2010

It would be a great honor of my life to have one of the chestnuts from the tree out back to plant in a city park where I live. Is that possible? God Bless you.

Katherine Holladay, 55 - Colonial Heights, Virginia 23834 - United States - 1 May 2010

There are so many things we could all thank anne for but all in all i thank her for sharing her story with us and her dreams of coming to hollywood have certainly come true... thank you....

Jennifer, 14 - Los Angeles - United States - 1 May 2010

We are really impressed w/your wanting to expose those of us who cannot be there to tour ourselves... Thank You so Much; we are able to understand her better...

Mr. & Mrs. David Murley, Little Rock - United States - 1 May 2010

Wonderful site ! My mother and I read the book and we loved Anne Frank. One day, if it´s possible, I would like to visit this museum.

Elaine Cristina Aiolfe, 41 - São Paulo - Brazil - 1 May 2010

I was first introduced to Anne Frank in the seventh grade when in our reading book at school, a play based on her diary was assigned to us. I was mesmerized by this young girls courage, and how alike we were, even though we were decades apart in age, I went to the library and checked out her entire diary and spent weeks reading it, and looking for other information I could find about her. I cried when I read how and when she died, that she was merely days away from rescue. The Holocaust was made real to me with her story, and I vowed to never allow that horrible history to repeat itself. As an adult, I monitor the politics of the world, and do what I can to ensure that these things do not happen again. When I think that I, as a single person, am limited in what I can do to help, I remember that Anne was a single person, who, changed a lot. She always has been, and will always be one of my heroines. Thank you for putting up the virtual museum, as I will probably never be able to visit in person, but have enjoyed and been humbled by the experience that is provided here. God Bless.

Renee, 42 - Orland, California - United States - 1 May 2010