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A fantastic site that carries on the message of Anne's diary.

Randi, United States - 3 May 2010

My daughter is reading the book and I asked out of interest what it was about. When I heard of the betrayal and the Frank daughters fate in Belsen I was floored!! My grandfather took in an evacuee family from Belfast which was regularly bombed during WW2. There was also a teenage girl. They lived in the hay loft above the old barn.

Raymond, 44 - Ballynahinch - United Kingdom - 3 May 2010

Anna is one of the most true and livable persons I have ever met...she did not lose any of her spirits,charm and love ever...She continues showing the way people should feel and act under any circumustances...She is alive in all of us and in the eyes of God...She is more alive than most of us who are thought to be alive yet we are dead inside...See you in heaven dearest.....

ELENI XENAKI, 53 - athens - Greece - 2 May 2010

Anne frank is an inspiring person she was a nice person who went through a lot when she was in hiding and she inspired me to write and she inspired everybody that life may be hard but you can go through it no matter what

wendy, 20 - garland - United States - 2 May 2010

Anne Frank has always been a source of inspiration for me. All through the hardships and dark times Anne kept up a steady attitude of hope and belief that in the end everything would turn out to be right. She is the one person who has inspired me to write and to put down my feelings on paper, because, according to her "paper has more patience than people". A girl wise beyond her years, she is an ideal example for people of the world not to lose hope till the very end.

Aswathy, 15 - Gujarat - India - 2 May 2010

She inspired me to be grateful for what I have and to never tolerate that any injustice or cruelity be done to another person just because they are different. I look at Anne, and I see a girl filled with dreams and hopes. And even though she is not with us anymore, she lives on through her diary and inspires millions to be brave. Her face and smile is engraved in my heart R.I.P Anne

Lizzie, 15 - Brisbane - Australia - 2 May 2010