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Wonderful site ! My mother and I read the book and we loved Anne Frank. One day, if it´s possible, I would like to visit this museum.

Elaine Cristina Aiolfe, 41 - São Paulo - Brazil - 1 May 2010

I was first introduced to Anne Frank in the seventh grade when in our reading book at school, a play based on her diary was assigned to us. I was mesmerized by this young girls courage, and how alike we were, even though we were decades apart in age, I went to the library and checked out her entire diary and spent weeks reading it, and looking for other information I could find about her. I cried when I read how and when she died, that she was merely days away from rescue. The Holocaust was made real to me with her story, and I vowed to never allow that horrible history to repeat itself. As an adult, I monitor the politics of the world, and do what I can to ensure that these things do not happen again. When I think that I, as a single person, am limited in what I can do to help, I remember that Anne was a single person, who, changed a lot. She always has been, and will always be one of my heroines. Thank you for putting up the virtual museum, as I will probably never be able to visit in person, but have enjoyed and been humbled by the experience that is provided here. God Bless.

Renee, 42 - Orland, California - United States - 1 May 2010

Ruim 10 jaar geleden bezocht ik het Anne Frank Huis. Nog steeds herinner ik me hoe ik me tijdens dat bezoek voelde: ontroerd, ingetogen maar tegelijk gelukkig. Moge de stichting nog eeuwen voortbestaan!

Piet Vanmarcke, 44 - Kortrijk - Belgium - 1 May 2010

This web site had so many amazing facts about Anne Frank and the people with her. It was such a tragedy what happened. Anne is really such a strong person and I would reccomend this site to anyone who wants to learn more about her.

Blaire, 14 - Round Lake Park - United States - 1 May 2010

I saw in one of our local papers, The St. Petersburg Times, about the display of Anne Frank;s Diary at the Museum, so that is why I am visiting you. We are retired and enjoying life in Florida. As we walked from our back yard in the morning to our front porch later in the morning to follow the son, I thought of the Frank family and what they had to endure during their confinement to the house concealing them from capitivity. To never get to enjoy the Sun, the Moon, the Wind and the Stars for so look was such a sacrifice, but a necessary one in an effort to extend their lives each day. We all must be grateful for our present day freedoms and work to ensure it for others.

Joseph A. Stanko, 68 - Temple Terrace, Florida - United States - 1 May 2010

A truly wonderful experience. I visited in 2000 and it was first on my "must See" list. What a remarkable person she was. A life with so much potential destroyed.

Ron Welsby, 70 - Melbourne - Australia - 1 May 2010