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I played the role of Anne Frank in a play when I was in the fourth grade. I identified with Anne so much. Now that I have just finished translating my 90-year-old grandmother's Holocaust survival story, and was able to take my family to visit the house in Amsterdam where Anne was in hiding, I wish that all children could visit and see what happens when hatred is given unlimited power. Never again.

Diana Gano, 48 - Pearland - United States - 29 Aug 2016

Under suspension of who betrayed the Frank's family, I believe it was the same woman who protected them, turn them in. If you were hiding a Jewish family and we're caught, you weren't no better then the Jewish family themselves and the SS treated you also hatefully. How come nothing happened to her? I just found it strange that they knew exactly where to go when looking for them. I believe it was her and her family or the Frank's family.

Meghan, 38 - New York - United States - 21 Aug 2016

An eerily poignant experience.

Dan Wright, 28 - London - United Kingdom - 17 Aug 2016

We all want the same things; we all are capable of so much; we all have to fight to stay tolerant of one another. Anne in her own right, was lucky to have her family, her wonderful thoughts and pen, and for knowing that what was happening to her was wrong and she was right to feel the outrage and sadness because of it And we are so lucky, she put those words on paper....

AC Loya, 34 - Austin - United States - 8 Aug 2016

I read AnneFrank's diary several years ago. Three years ago I was fortunate enough to visit the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. It was the most moving experience of my life.

Margaret campion, 74 - Garnet Valley - United States - 5 Aug 2016

I first read the diary when I was in 7th grade. I knew about her fate before I read it, but still I wanted to know her story. I wanted to know her character. Years later, her words still resound in my mind.

Emily, 24 - Halls - United States - 4 Aug 2016