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If everyone in the world was made to visit the Annexe and read Anne's story... we might all develop Anne's compassion and understanding for others.. and just maybe prevent World War...

Natasha , Bristol uk - United Kingdom - 16 Oct 2016

It's very inspiring and very important that everyone knows this story.

A.L.K., United States - 11 Oct 2016

I got to go to the Anne Frank museum for the 60th anniversary and read the book it's so good I would love one day to just go back and see it again.

Kayla Evans , United Kingdom - 10 Oct 2016

So I read the play version of Anne Frank and it was a very sad story. I was very interested in how Anne Frank lived in an Attic for 2 years! Also I was very interested in how much bravery it took the Franks and the other Family to stay in an attic. I probably could not have as much bravery as Anne. Also I was very upset to see that Anne Frank died of Typhus, and also Anne’s sister Margot died of Typhus. Also I thought that Peter and Anne would be together but they both died in the concentration camps. Overall I think the Franks should be known as Heroes.

Nikolus Tilford, 13 - san diego - United States - 6 Oct 2016

We said "never again", but right now Jews are forced to leave Europe again. The reasons are the same conspiracy and paranoya as in Anne's time. Some people don't want the Jews in their countries neither on the Jewish State. Nothing changed for the most peaceful and persecuted People in History.

Afonso Soares, 42 - Beja - Portugal - 4 Oct 2016

In all these years I can not believe how Hitler could do have killed so many people Jews are human too, may god still be looking after Anne and family and all who lives where lost. God bless Suzanne Geraldton W.A

Suzanne Nagle, 67 - Geraldton - Australia - 2 Oct 2016