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Her courage and love of life should be an example for all humanity. May she and the other six million like her rest in peace. Shalom !

Carl Armani, 71 - St Petersburg, Florida - United States - 30 Apr 2010

Freedom Will Always Live On in the Spirit, and the diary of Anne Frank. The captivating charm and beautiful innocence of this amazing girl are light rays of brilliance in an otherwise dark chapter of humanity. We could all learn something from the story of anne frank and the secret annex.

Danielle , 19 - Brisbane - Australia - 30 Apr 2010

I will always remember Anne as the girl who had little but had so much. Her strong-willed determination is an inspiration to me, personally. But not just me. She's a role model to millions of girls, millions of PEOPLE worldwide. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Annelies Marie Frank.

An Anonymas Admirer, 13 - United States - 30 Apr 2010

Anne's writings show an intuitive person, good sense of humor, so hopeful. It's heartbreaking how close they were to making it through. We must never forget and in doing so be respectful to all. Otto did a brave thing by publishing Anne's diary.

Joan Lamport, 52 - West Bloomfield MI - United States - 30 Apr 2010

I visted the Anne Frank House in 2009 but my father and I did not like it because it was 'modernized'. However, Anne was just an ordinary girl who did an extraordinary thing and her father published the diary. I have many books on Anne Frank and I enjoy reading about her. Just think, she would have turned 81 this coming June!!

Adrian Cavazos, 21 - United States - 29 Apr 2010

Hartelijk bedankt voor al het werk an de Stichting en ook speciaal voor Het Achterhuis Online. Wij vullen alsof we er geweest zijn. Wat een uitstekende manier om het museum naar de wereld uit te breiden.

Ellyn Cook, 36 - Australia - 29 Apr 2010