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I just read Anne's Diary. It's an amazing story that I will never forget. Anne was wise beyond her years. The saddest part of the story is her passing, and the fact that she never got to experience all of the things she dreamed of. I will make sure to pass this important story on to my children. I pray that this tragedy will never happen to anyone ever again. Peace be with you and your family Anne.

Jill LeBrun, 37 - Bay City, MI - United States - 29 Apr 2010

May we never forget !!

Rory Cleary, 65 - Kilkenny - Ireland - 29 Apr 2010

Very informational

Kaitlyn Peters, 13 - Hudson.Iowa - United States - 29 Apr 2010

So far, I have just "skimmed" this site---I am at a computer that does not have speakers---but from what I have seen, I am very impressed with it. What a wonderful web site!!!!!!! It's so important that we do not forget the Holocaust. I can't wait to listen to all the stories on this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Isabelle Dubra, Brooklyn Park, MN - United States - 29 Apr 2010

Anne te recordaremos siempre.

Francisco Gimenez, 36 - Caravaca de la Cruz - Spain - 29 Apr 2010

Anne's courage is an example to all. The courage and humanity of those who sheltered the Frank family should also be noted and admired. They are among a number of brave people who risked their lives and came to the aid of Jewish people, unfortunately there were not enough.

Leonard Rovner, 78 - Philadelphia - United States - 29 Apr 2010