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It is so interesting to learn about Anne and the things that she had to go through just because of what religion she was. Its is sad how she has to go through all those terrible things as a kid and not even get to experience her teenage years like all other teens. I admire her story and will always remember it.

Paola, 13 - Fair Haven - United States - 29 Apr 2010

Everyone should keep a diary/journal. Anne showed us that everyone's life history is precious & important.

Susan Craig, 53 - Winfield, Kansas - United States - 29 Apr 2010

I wish I could've met Anne and everyone. We even have the same birthday (and my friends call me Kitty).

Catty, 13 - United States - 28 Apr 2010

Amazing tale of strength, preserverance, friendship and tragedy...It's good that the diary was preserved (what foresight) and that Otto had the opportunity to read and share Anne's personality, thoughts and rare insights and observations with the rest of our world.

Mark E. Herrick, 50 - Peyton - United States - 28 Apr 2010

Thank you

Neal S. Fogelhut, 61 - Encinitas, CA - United States - 28 Apr 2010

Remember Anne, Margot, Edith, Auguste, Peter, and all the others who lived and died in the Holocaust as a reminder to prevent this in the future.

Delenn, 13 - United States - 28 Apr 2010