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I think the world should realise both the horrors and the courage of Anne Frank, her family, her protectors during the darkest days in the history of the world. The museum is an inspiration to all to never let this happen again and stand up against tyranny, racism, extreme nationalism and the evil that pervades them. A reminder NEVER AGAIN.

MIKE FIDLER, 70 - Carlsbad - United States - 30 Sep 2016

i thought that your museum was fantastic. i got to learn so much about Anne Frank more than i knew.

Matthew McCarthy, 11 - St. Johns - Canada - 29 Sep 2016

Simply just needed to state I am delighted I came on the site!

Psychics Feedback, 21 - San Diego - United States - 18 Sep 2016

Such an inspiration from a young lady to people around the world.

Kenneth Cordero, 44 - San Francisco - United States - 17 Sep 2016

I remember reading The Diary of Anne Fraank when I was 14 years old. It really moved me deeply and I have read the diary many more times over the years. I passed it on to my own daughter when she was 14 and she too became very heavily influenced by the diary. It has made me look at the world through a young girl's eyes - a young girl who was hunted because she was Jewish. A young girl who had so much to give to the world and left behind a unique legacy. A young girl who was murdered because of intolerance and hatred - a young girl who was not allowed to reach adulthood and live a life and perhaps give so much more to this world. I have always wanted to visit the secret annex and perhaps I will make the journey within the next few years. Carry on the good work promoting Anne's diary and helping future generations to learn from how hatred and intolerance can lead to dreadful acts. It is still apparent that today we still need to take the message of the diary seriously.

Caroline Canavan, 52 - Newry - United Kingdom - 16 Sep 2016

I'm in the production of "The Diary of Anne Frank" I play Fritz Pfeffer. I really like Him, I have this weird connection with him.

Tony Rivera, 15 - juneau - United States - 8 Sep 2016