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So sad that so many had to die for people to realise what the nazis were doing was wrong. Rest in peace Anne, Margot and Edith Frank.

Lilian Winter, 13 - Melbourne - Australia - 1 Aug 2016

very nice website congratulations

Izabel, 54 - Manaus - Brazil - 27 Jul 2016

Anne was longing for so many things that we're taking for granted. Remember that and care for the things and the people you love.

Malin , 25 - Uppsala - Sweden - 21 Jul 2016

Thank you for reminding us of the realities of our history.

Robert Jillson, 52 - Chicago - United States - 15 Jul 2016

Reading Anne's diary really changed the core of who I was. Anne and her family's story amazes me, and I think about it al the time. I am beyond overjoyed to know that Anne is loved by all these people. She is such a great role model.

Katie, 12 - Nova Scotia - Canada - 2 Jul 2016

Great story.

Chloe, 13 - Los Angeles - Canada - 2 Jul 2016