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Reading Anne's diary really changed the core of who I was. Anne and her family's story amazes me, and I think about it al the time. I am beyond overjoyed to know that Anne is loved by all these people. She is such a great role model.

Katie, 12 - Nova Scotia - Canada - 2 Jul 2016

Great story.

Chloe, 13 - Los Angeles - Canada - 2 Jul 2016

I first read Anne Franks diary 36 years ago and it moved me. My daughter aged 12 has just read it and it have moved her as well.Another generation has been inspired

Paul, 48 - LONDON - United Kingdom - 30 Jun 2016

You are awesome Anne Frank I look up to you as a rolemodel!!!!

LAYLA-MAY, 12 - LONDON - United Kingdom - 30 Jun 2016

With her moving words she revealed her courage, hope, and strength. She surely is happy to know that her words has had such an impact on so many. May we learn from our past mistakes and treat everyone with love, equality, and respect. Anne would love that!

Niloufar, 46 - Seattle - United States - 24 Jun 2016

On Friday I went to the house and had a wonderful experience seeing her REAL diary shook me emotionally I wanted to cry. Anne was a real inspiration and would have been a wonderful friend to me if she were alive today, she is exactly like me and thinks like me thank you for the experience

Fiona, 13 - Aberdeen - United Kingdom - 20 Jun 2016