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I am a teacher in Beijing and my class are working on the diary. One girl said to me, 'she was the same age as us.' Knowledge is power. Superb site! Thanks.

Anthony, 47 - Beijing - China - 20 May 2016

I know Anne would be a Belieber. Peace, girl.

Justin Bieber, 22 - Los Angeles - United States - 19 May 2016

I couldn't help but notice all the little kids walking around and think to myself, "Wow, Anne Frank was their age."

Ron Drummer, 30 - Olathe - United States - 13 May 2016

Anne Frank truly opened my eyes to exactly how hard life was for the Jews during the holocaust. I read about it in textbooks at school but I experienced the real suffering with Anne. She is a true epitome of a person with perseverance and optimism. I loved reading her diary and learning her story.

Alayna, United Kingdom - 12 May 2016

Anne Frank made me think about how life was for Jews. It made me feel sad when I read her diary entries, and saw the movie. I think that I totally look up to her, because she knew what was right and wrong. What Hitler did was very wrong. He wanted to kill Jewish people for no apparent reason. He did it with pleasure thinking that what he did was right, when really what he did was terrible. If I was Anne Frank I would do the same and care for others just like her. She was brave and grateful. When I read her diary, I got to learn more about Anne Frank, her story, and the Nazi's. I liked it even more, because we could see it in her perspective. I think that the movie and the diary were equally as good. I learned and love Anne Frank.

Frida, 12 - El Sobrante - United States - 10 May 2016

I'm Jewish and I have lived in the United States all of my life. I know what it is like to be persecuted though. I can remember starting school in this country of the United States and other children calling me a dirty Jew. It was horrible for me, and I did not suffer anything like Anne Frank did who died at fifteen. How horrible and my heart breaks for her. My aunt escaped Austria, but both of her parents were killed. My father escaped Germany before the war broke out, so compared the Jewish people who were in Europe I was fortunate. I love this site, and when people deny that the Holocaust happened it makes me upset, because it was my people who suffered under the hands of the Nazis. God bless Anne Frank who is an angel in heaven now.

Margaret, 77 - United States - 6 May 2016