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Dear Anne Frank, I know it was hard growing up in the you were living. One moment that hit me was, that you had to be quite for a very long time every day. The second moment that hit me that was happy u celebrated your b-day in a very interesting way. You got new shoes and other things. Another moment was when you had to share a room with a stranger you didn't even know. My last reason was when you guys got caught for living there. You were sad and looked scared that you were going to a concentration camp and might die there, witch sucks a lot.

jorje santos, 12 - Berkeley - United States - 4 May 2016

Anne Frank was a powerful leader to the Jews. She and her family risked their lives in Amsterdam, Holland.She has written many diary entries for us to read and enjoy.As her family got arrested they realized the only reason they got arrested was because they were Jews.We will remember Anne Frank, Peter Van Daan, Mr.Dussel, and their housemaid, Miep. They all will be in our memories. Pray for Anne Frank. We will always keep her and her family and the other people living in the Annex all in our hearts. We will mourn for all that were lost in World War 2.and people that were killed in concentration camps & in the war. We miss you Anne and family! But we will rejoice on the day May 8th 1945 everyear WE QILL rejoice - Sequari Cross P.S. I am Jewish and that's how i know all this and THANK YOU Ms. Erskine for teaching us all his amazing stuff I love you!!!!!! Best Teacher for History EVER!!!!!!! ^._.^ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ::):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Chloe Erskine, 11 - Berkeley - United States - 4 May 2016

It was very interesting learning about Anne Frank. I learned how brave she was and how dangerous her environment was. I also learned how much she had to go through and how scary her life was. I liked how she wrote a diary and got all of her feelings down in writing. The movie was awesome and I'm definitely going to watch it again.

Jrdan Gaines, 12 - United Kingdom - 4 May 2016

Anne was murdered as a Jew. Otto did her no favor by making her just a "general" human tragedy.

apodet, 81 - Buffalo, NY - United States - 4 May 2016

Otto Frank did not do justice to his daughter Anne by removing her Jewish identity and Zionist idealism.

apodet, 81 - Buffalo, NY - United States - 4 May 2016

I think that learning about Anne Frank was very interesting. I like seeing her house but it made me sad to see. But over all I liked it.

Nautica, 11 - Berkeley - United States - 3 May 2016