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Recently in our class we have been learning about World War 2. We have also been learning about Anne Frank. I think Anne Frank was a great person and a brilliant writer. I’ve only read clipping of The Diary Of Anne Frank, but I have watched to move. What would the world be like if Anne Frank did not die, I wonder. I imagine that there would be a lot more great books and a holiday for Anne Frank. She had a way with placing her words on the page in away that was so beautiful. Also she writing was always interesting and from Anne Frank’s word you could tell that she wrote with feel. What I mean by she wrote with feeling is You could tell when she was made or sad or when she is just ok. Anne frank had such a good way with words that I think she would be a great fiction write and she would have a very interesting biography. One thing I nodes was how brave Anne was. She would have to be brave with all of the bombs going off. The last thing I noticed was that Anne spoke her mind and If she. What I mean is that If she was thinking about strawberries than she would say she was thinking about strawberries or write about strawberries.

bro, 12 - pinole - United States - 5 May 2016

Ich war mit meiner Tochter Ende März im Anne Frank Haus. Wir konnten keine Karten vorbestellen. Wir haben 3 1/2 Stunden bei Kälte, Wind und Regen angestanden - und nach dem Besuch haben wir gesagt, wir würden die Wartezeit jederzeit wieder in Kauf nehmen. Auch meine 15-jährige Tochter sagte das. Dieses Museum ist berührend, ganz schrecklich zu wissen, das diese Menschen hier, an diesem Ort, wirklich gelebt haben. Ich war sehr gerührt, habe wirklich weinen müssen. Was haben diese schrecklichen Nazis ganz normalen Menschen angetan, und das millionenfach ... hier schäme ich mich, deutsch zu sein. Bitte besuchen Sie diese Stätte!

Beate Köthe, 58 - Lohfelden, Deutschland - Germany - 5 May 2016

I think the movie was a masterpiece. I was first introduced to it by my humanities teacher, Ms. Erskine, during testing week to keep us busy. After that, I thought of the world in a whole new way. I never knew that we are so fortunate and that a simple girl like her can get their life turned around by only one person. I will talk about why I liked this movie so much in the next paragraph. I like it so much because they made Anne seem like a normal girl. The actor was also very good, her body language and the way she talked was absolutely amazing. They even added real clips from the diary which I'm reading right now (thanks to my teacher). The tragic moments are always accompanied by a comedic moment which adds to the movie very nicely. Lastly, they really portraited Anne well, in the movie, she is cocky, funny, and just seems like a normal girl. Overall, the movie was very heartwarming and touching. Everybody should watch the movie, plus it's available on Netflix. This movie created a new interest for me and now, I 'm trying to get every book related to Anne Frank. The 3D house tour was super realistic and helped my understand her struggles.

Mila, 11 - Berekly - United States - 5 May 2016

Dear Anne Frank, I know it was hard growing up in the you were living. One moment that hit me was, that you had to be quite for a very long time every day. The second moment that hit me that was happy u celebrated your b-day in a very interesting way. You got new shoes and other things. Another moment was when you had to share a room with a stranger you didn't even know. My last reason was when you guys got caught for living there. You were sad and looked scared that you were going to a concentration camp and might die there, witch sucks a lot.

jorje santos, 12 - Berkeley - United States - 4 May 2016

Anne Frank was a powerful leader to the Jews. She and her family risked their lives in Amsterdam, Holland.She has written many diary entries for us to read and enjoy.As her family got arrested they realized the only reason they got arrested was because they were Jews.We will remember Anne Frank, Peter Van Daan, Mr.Dussel, and their housemaid, Miep. They all will be in our memories. Pray for Anne Frank. We will always keep her and her family and the other people living in the Annex all in our hearts. We will mourn for all that were lost in World War 2.and people that were killed in concentration camps & in the war. We miss you Anne and family! But we will rejoice on the day May 8th 1945 everyear WE QILL rejoice - Sequari Cross P.S. I am Jewish and that's how i know all this and THANK YOU Ms. Erskine for teaching us all his amazing stuff I love you!!!!!! Best Teacher for History EVER!!!!!!! ^._.^ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 ::):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Chloe Erskine, 11 - Berkeley - United States - 4 May 2016

It was very interesting learning about Anne Frank. I learned how brave she was and how dangerous her environment was. I also learned how much she had to go through and how scary her life was. I liked how she wrote a diary and got all of her feelings down in writing. The movie was awesome and I'm definitely going to watch it again.

Jrdan Gaines, 12 - United Kingdom - 4 May 2016