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Well done! Heartbreaking to hear Anne's story and the impact she's had on so many people. Lets hope we never forget so it never happens again!

Sheila Moir, 49 - Chatham - Canada - 17 May 2017

I think that Anne Frank would have been an amazing writer if she had survived the war. I think she will always be alive in everyone's heart that reads her diary. She was a very strong willed person and made her not seem like she was trapped her last year of life.

rizen, 16 - Wasilla - United States - 17 May 2017

This story is very heart breaking of how close to finishing out the war the families were and than the after math of how they were so mistreated and taken from there family, Just left to die like it was nobodies business.

Delores Ramirez, 16 - Wasilla - United States - 17 May 2017

Anne Frank was a great person and didn't deserve what happen to her. Her book made me sad to read but happy that she got to write it.

kody, 17 - Wasilla - United States - 17 May 2017

I thought it was depressing how she hid away for two years with seven other people and almost all of them ended up being killed in the end. It must have been difficult and you can tell it was by reading her diary or watching the movie.

Cameron, United States - 17 May 2017

The story of Anne Frank is so moving, she was such a strong girl. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be living in an attic for two years with that many people. She was so resilient through such a tough time. Being hated by a large group of people would be very hard, and I don't think I would even be able to be that positive through it all. Anne Frank will always be an important part in our history.

Skyler Richardson, 17 - United States - 15 May 2017