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Anne Frank is so inspiring!! If you like her story you should read the book" The Hiding Place" by Corrine TenBoom

Gabby, United States - 22 Apr 2016

Annes book has put so much feeling into my heart and her book has a special place on my bookshelf I was born in Amsterdam at the OLVG and I live two houses down from the secret Annexe.

Caroline Capers, Fort Worth - United States - 17 Apr 2016

The museum is great. Anne Frank had an amazing character and is very interesting to know more about her. But, the most impressive for me was an interview with Otto Frank, as the father of Anne Frank, the only one who survived the Holocaust I'd like to know a little more about him. The house is his history too and would be great to see a exhibition about him.

Nathalia, 28 - Sao Paulo - Brazil - 15 Apr 2016

My Mother was also born in 1929 in Holland but she married an English soldier then they were liberated. I have just sadly lost her at 86 but can give thanks for her life when I consider all of those poor people who were her countrymen and women who didn't survive. Her life also reads like a novel but for very different reasons. I mourn all of those people who lost their lives and thank all those who liberated my family, including my Dad who is still fit and well at 95. What a story I could also tell about their war time experiences.

Anita Tonks, United Kingdom - 15 Apr 2016

Anne, you have given me courage, faith and hope. Your way of handling very very difficult situations have inspired me to overcome mine's.

Jaishima Leladharsingh, 54 - Chaguanas - Trinidad and Tobago - 11 Apr 2016

I wouldn't wish her sufferings on my worst enemy. There are Somethings we must all learn about. Anne Frank is one of them.

Noelle Johnson, 14 - Chicago - United States - 9 Apr 2016