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I think the movie was very good, a brilliant masterpiece, with its ups and downs. When the movie first started, I was a little confused considering what happened to Anne. She was a very happy girl and was dancing around. I wish they would’ve taken more time to explain things before they went to the secret annex. She just came home from school and then her parents said they weren’t letting anyone into the house and then they went into hiding. Once they went into hiding, things started making more sense and I understood what was going on. They were hiding from the Nazi’s. They had to do a lot of things to make sure people didn’t find out they were in the secret annex. I, personally, would have never been able to handle what they went through. The only time they were able to have a long conversation was on the weekend when no one was in the building. I like to talk all the time so this would have been hard for me to do. Their space and food also became limited when another family moved in with them. And a doctor moved in and took over some of Anne’s space. I would not have like this. The ending was not what I expected. When they showed the dates of people surviving and dying, that was hard to see. I hoped that more of them survived. It made me feel grateful that I never had to live through anything like that. I was also sad that to see that there were not more survivors. I wanted Anne to make it.

Jakob Venable, 11 - Oakland - United States - 2 May 2016

Instead of being disappointed, I hope I could seize every moment to do the things I enjoy even if in a dreadful situation after reading the story of Anne Frank. There is no doubt that she is a admirable girl and that her words are attractive. Now I believe it is better to die in pursuit of our dream than to live a life without hope. Thank you for inspiring me.

Cindy Lee, 17 - Taipei - Taiwan - 29 Apr 2016

After reading your story, I realized how brave you are and how dangerous the society is. Uf I was there, I must be astonished by everything you met. your story touched me, though you didn't live long, the world won't forget you.

Winnie Peng, 17 - Taipei - Taiwan - 29 Apr 2016

How horrible it was for a girl my age and her family have to go into hiding for what they believe..... That so messed up the holocaust really was the Diary of a Young Girl is outstanding because you know that someone wrote about this when they were in hiding and she lived her life for those two years. She was probably sraced liked don't get me wrong that terrible to go through but she just live her life so clap that up for her. Her book and she also got her dream to become a writer and she did at such a young age no one can change the meaning in her quotes and her writing and her life.

Bree, 13 - United States - 28 Apr 2016

My memories of the Diary was when I was in elementary. I saw the book on the bookmobile. The first time around. I don't remember much because I wasn't old enough. Only when I went through High School did I pick it up again. Its impact was felt. How horrible it was to be Jewish in the 12 year World War 2 raged through Europe. Thank God it didn't last 1,0000 years. Annes words will live on longer than the times that inspired them. They speak of hope when hope seems foolish. May they inspire others. It's as if she was speaking to me personally. Got me through a lot of dark times in my life. May her spirit live on.

Darryl, 46 - Oceanside - United Kingdom - 27 Apr 2016

Anne Frank, a brilliant and creative mind. She is one of the greats, may she live on. ❤️

Ashley Ferrell, 13 - Jeffery - United States - 26 Apr 2016