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The move was good and haertbraking but I will be sad for the rest of the day

Raven Young, 15 - United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016

This story is one that I will remember, and I will tell my children about it. The movie that was made about the diary made me burst into tears. This will always be one of the things that I will remember about how cruel this world was and is.

Jenna Comer, 14 - Leesville,LA - United States - 17 Mar 2016

3/17/2016 After reading the adapted play and film version of The Diary of Anne Frank, I was very touched by her story. It it amazing how widely translated her diary is. I just hope that people may learn from this to make sure we NEVER repeat this tragic time in history.

Kailey Sawyer, 14 - United States - 17 Mar 2016

Anne franks movie really effected me.It was a very sad movie. I really don't know how somebody can do that to another person.It was really cruel to people. I think it was really hard on Mr.Frank. I couldnt imagine having no family and friends.

arianna williams, United States - 17 Mar 2016

No human being should ever be treated like anne was

mason jeane, 14 - leesville, Louisiana - United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016

I think Anne Frank was very mature for her age during the Holocaust. When she found out that her family was gone, I believe she handled things very well. She stayed calm and remained positive.

Reagan, United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016