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Reading the book,”The Diary of a Young Girl,” gave me a lot of reasons to like it. First,her diary was very descriptive and I could understand her thoughts and how she felt during the war. Another thing I love about her diary is that it makes me think and it keeps me researching some of the words she uses. Though I am still reading the book I have already found many reasons to appreciate it. During my time when I read, I notice a pretty decent number of words that I need to figure out, such as on page 105 when Mrs.Dann says”Donnerwetter-noch-einmal. (for heaven's sake)” As I keep on reading I keep finding new words to learn in her diary. I could find her way of words was useful and intellectual on how she expressed her feelings about things. For example,in page 93 when Anne says”I’m just about choked with alarms,very tired and don’t feel a bit like work.” I really appreciate that she uses these intellectual words and it gives me a reason to keep on reading this book. Next,is that her descriptive writing was very helpful in understanding of how she felt and what she did about things during her entries. Also implementing to that is that I could feel emotion when she said things such as,”I couldn’t hold my legs still.I woke up at the stroke of 12:planes.” As I read I could feel that this book vocabulary was pretty close to my level which kept me interested in reading more. Overall,I believe that this book was very interesting and kept me intrigued on reading the book. I appreciate that her diary was able to be published,it gave me a good insight on how life was like as a Jew in WW2.

Louis Phan, 12 - White Oak - United States - 14 Mar 2016

thank so much for your site it aids a lot., 10 - Heggedal - Norway - 14 Mar 2016

We are currently doing a project over the Holocaust and this time period at school. I find everything about this time period and about how these 8 people managed to survive together in the annex interesting and fascinating. Being only a year younger than Anne makes this harder to imagine what it might have been like to have to go through this. She shows a new side to what this was really like and helps future generations, like mine, to learn more about her life, and teach us all a valuable lesson.

Maria, 14 - United States - 10 Mar 2016

I thnk anne frank was a very intelegent girl and very wise for her age

trenton montgomery, 14 - avon - United States - 9 Mar 2016

I am glad her legacy is her diary. She revealed to us the past, and I hope to make her the topic of my next writer's notebook.

Anonymous, 15 - Newport - United States - 8 Mar 2016

I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a teenager. Last night I watched a movie production on San Frank and although the production was well done I was so sickened how the Jews were treated by the Nazis. I have not been able to get this depressed discussed his feeling out of my head since viewing the movie. In a strange way I want revenge on the Nazis although much time has passed and all are dead. Hitler was a coward in taking his own life. I grew up Christian and have many Jewish friends and acquaintances. It is shocking to believe this tragedy happened to so many innocent people such a short time ago. Truly the work of the devil. An excellent book written about the Holocaust was written by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer it is titled Anya. Although fictional it is a detailed description on many things that happened to the innocent choose as the author completed extensive research. I pray for all the Jews that lost their lives and the families that remain.

Kathleen ureneck, 53 - toms river - United States - 7 Mar 2016