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Anne, you have given me courage, faith and hope. Your way of handling very very difficult situations have inspired me to overcome mine's.

Jaishima Leladharsingh, 54 - Chaguanas - Trinidad and Tobago - 11 Apr 2016

I wouldn't wish her sufferings on my worst enemy. There are Somethings we must all learn about. Anne Frank is one of them.

Noelle Johnson, 14 - Chicago - United States - 9 Apr 2016

The first time that I read Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl, I was in seventh grade. My teacher incorporated the diary, sections of the drama, and very touching discussions and activities during the unit. I remember feeling upset, confused, and sad after reading the diary. I had many conversations with my grandmother about the impact that the book left on me and how many life lessons I learned from reading that book. I still treasure the book as well as the conversations that were sparked from Anne's story that I had with my grandmother. Now, I'm a middle school reading teacher and I read the graphic novel version of Anne Frank with eighth graders and also incorporated scenes from the drama based on Anne Frank's life. The resilience of Otto Frank is inspiring and the optimism of Anne's spirit and her words is uplifting even in the darkest of days. Your words live on in a brave space.

Kellie Spillane, Watertown, MA - United States - 8 Apr 2016

Anne Frank was quite possibly one of the first true friends I made. Reading her journal felt as if she was sitting beside me with her gentle smile and telling me, through her words, that none of us were alone. I could not relate or connect to many of the things she said - to her struggles, to her thoughts - yet I could, in a way, understand all of it. Hearing her "voice" was, in my opinion, one of the most real things I have ever known. Thank you Anne Frank.

Rafi, 15 - Dhaka - Bangladesh - 7 Apr 2016

So many were killed in the Holocaust that the scale almost becomes impossible to comprehend, seeing the Anne Frank house reminded me that behind each of the atrocities performed there were real people, some nice some not, with the same thoughts and hopes as all of us. As I see the ongoing atrocities carried out still all over the world we do not seem to have learned anything, but I am now thinking there is person involved not just another statistic from the visit to the Anne Frank house

Dave Pilkington, 50 - Tavistock - United Kingdom - 5 Apr 2016

The first play I never seen, was Anne frank. it touched me in so many ways. Anne and her family, the others . Are truly remarkable,strong and amazing for what they did. I couldnt of done that. Reading her books, and every time I watch the movie ,I cry at the end. Jews went thought so much, shouldn't have. I so wish I could visit their.. I will never be able to.. It would cost so much.. Thank you for keeping the families,the house alive. So new generations can learn one big part in history...

Brian, 33 - Munfordville - United States - 2 Apr 2016