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Anne frank and the whole frank family were so strong through the time period they were in hiding. After reading the book and watching the movie I was really sad and I hope that no one will make anyone go through what she went through. This book made me appreciate my life right now. Anne would be 87 right now and still be going strong. I have nothing but respect for the franks and I hope they will forever rest in peace

Ryan , 13 - Boston - United States - 1 Apr 2016

Anne Frank was a good story but I didn't want her to die she was a good child and I loved her

Venizia Gonzalez, 45 - Alabama - United Kingdom - 28 Mar 2016

no one should ever have to go thru i look up to her as inspiration. she in better place remember that . and that she shouldnt have to be thru depression

jasmine newman, 17 - canton - United States - 24 Mar 2016

I truly hope the world will never treat people like that again.

Lindsey, United Kingdom - 23 Mar 2016

this book changed my views on the second world war and how it was like for people alive in Germany in the time of 1914-1918

cooper, 13 - preston - United Kingdom - 21 Mar 2016

The move was good and haertbraking but I will be sad for the rest of the day

Raven Young, 15 - United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016