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This story is one that I will remember, and I will tell my children about it. The movie that was made about the diary made me burst into tears. This will always be one of the things that I will remember about how cruel this world was and is.

Jenna Comer, 14 - Leesville,LA - United States - 17 Mar 2016

3/17/2016 After reading the adapted play and film version of The Diary of Anne Frank, I was very touched by her story. It it amazing how widely translated her diary is. I just hope that people may learn from this to make sure we NEVER repeat this tragic time in history.

Kailey Sawyer, 14 - United States - 17 Mar 2016

Anne franks movie really effected me.It was a very sad movie. I really don't know how somebody can do that to another person.It was really cruel to people. I think it was really hard on Mr.Frank. I couldnt imagine having no family and friends.

arianna williams, United States - 17 Mar 2016

No human being should ever be treated like anne was

mason jeane, 14 - leesville, Louisiana - United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016

I think Anne Frank was very mature for her age during the Holocaust. When she found out that her family was gone, I believe she handled things very well. She stayed calm and remained positive.

Reagan, United Kingdom - 17 Mar 2016

Reading the book,”The Diary of a Young Girl,” gave me a lot of reasons to like it. First,her diary was very descriptive and I could understand her thoughts and how she felt during the war. Another thing I love about her diary is that it makes me think and it keeps me researching some of the words she uses. Though I am still reading the book I have already found many reasons to appreciate it. During my time when I read, I notice a pretty decent number of words that I need to figure out, such as on page 105 when Mrs.Dann says”Donnerwetter-noch-einmal. (for heaven's sake)” As I keep on reading I keep finding new words to learn in her diary. I could find her way of words was useful and intellectual on how she expressed her feelings about things. For example,in page 93 when Anne says”I’m just about choked with alarms,very tired and don’t feel a bit like work.” I really appreciate that she uses these intellectual words and it gives me a reason to keep on reading this book. Next,is that her descriptive writing was very helpful in understanding of how she felt and what she did about things during her entries. Also implementing to that is that I could feel emotion when she said things such as,”I couldn’t hold my legs still.I woke up at the stroke of 12:planes.” As I read I could feel that this book vocabulary was pretty close to my level which kept me interested in reading more. Overall,I believe that this book was very interesting and kept me intrigued on reading the book. I appreciate that her diary was able to be published,it gave me a good insight on how life was like as a Jew in WW2.

Louis Phan, 12 - White Oak - United States - 14 Mar 2016