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thank so much for your site it aids a lot., 10 - Heggedal - Norway - 14 Mar 2016

We are currently doing a project over the Holocaust and this time period at school. I find everything about this time period and about how these 8 people managed to survive together in the annex interesting and fascinating. Being only a year younger than Anne makes this harder to imagine what it might have been like to have to go through this. She shows a new side to what this was really like and helps future generations, like mine, to learn more about her life, and teach us all a valuable lesson.

Maria, 14 - United States - 10 Mar 2016

I thnk anne frank was a very intelegent girl and very wise for her age

trenton montgomery, 14 - avon - United States - 9 Mar 2016

I am glad her legacy is her diary. She revealed to us the past, and I hope to make her the topic of my next writer's notebook.

Anonymous, 15 - Newport - United States - 8 Mar 2016

I read The Diary of Anne Frank as a teenager. Last night I watched a movie production on San Frank and although the production was well done I was so sickened how the Jews were treated by the Nazis. I have not been able to get this depressed discussed his feeling out of my head since viewing the movie. In a strange way I want revenge on the Nazis although much time has passed and all are dead. Hitler was a coward in taking his own life. I grew up Christian and have many Jewish friends and acquaintances. It is shocking to believe this tragedy happened to so many innocent people such a short time ago. Truly the work of the devil. An excellent book written about the Holocaust was written by Susan Fromberg Schaeffer it is titled Anya. Although fictional it is a detailed description on many things that happened to the innocent choose as the author completed extensive research. I pray for all the Jews that lost their lives and the families that remain.

Kathleen ureneck, 53 - toms river - United States - 7 Mar 2016

I just finished reading her diary and feel completely devastated. I saw so much of myself in her. I wish I could have been with her in some kind of way...

Anett, 16 - Estonia - 4 Mar 2016