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Today I witnessed the depth and beauty of the heart and soul of Anne Frank at the Anne Frank Huis. Her words, committed to paper have long outlasted her brief physical life. Her life, her words, her testaments create not only inspiration, yet challenge us in our thoughts, our minds, our hearts, the essence of our words and deeds. We must never, ever let these tragic atrocities, torture and indignations of perceived superiority and discrimination have either a present or a future. The opportunity to exist in peace is in our hands...and our hearts.

Monica Adorno, Goshen - United States - 3 Mar 2016

I read the book so many times that i've already know all rooms and particular things of that house, she's just a girl and her feelings was so pure... I think it's what makes her witness special. I hope you are in a better place Anne, you and million peoples died for a persecution without sense.

Laura, 28 - Italy - 3 Mar 2016

A visit to the Anne Frank Museum was the first thing i wanted to do upon my arrival in Amsterdam. Having read Her book twice, once as a teen and again as an adult, i was always struck by her wisdom and insight. Thank You for making this visit possible and for preserving her memory so perfectly. “Where there's hope, there's life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Natalie Lefebvre, 48 - Montreal - Canada - 3 Mar 2016

I was always interested in the story and moved by the words of Anne . I am glad I was able to take a look around the house. It is a very emotive experience , and it brings tears to my eyes and breaks my heart. Thanks for the visit

Diny Vos,Schalks, 59 - GEMONDE - Netherlands - 1 Mar 2016

Definitely on my bucket list. One of the most important Published pieces of literature ever. Thank you Anne for your unheard of strength and amazing maturity.

Tim Marciniak, 40 - Roseville, Michigan - United States - 1 Mar 2016

I remember reading the book back in 5th or 6th grade. I'm glad that I can find answers to the questions i couldn't ask at the time...

Nathaniel, United Kingdom - 29 Feb 2016