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I visited the Anne Frank house in 1990 and was amazed how they were able to avoid detection for so long by the Nazi's. For those that profess the Holocaust Never Happened I can assure you it did, as my now departed Uncle was a Guard at the Trials of the Nazi War Criminals. Also I met a women that was a Prisoner at the Bergen-Belsen Camp were she met Anne and Margot Frank before they died, she was good friends with them, she also had the Nazi Tattooed number on her arm, that was the first thing I noticed and which struck up the conversation, it's something I will Never Ever Forget !! RIP ANNE & MARGOT and the rest of the victims.

JOHN , 56 - SAN CARLOS - United States - 27 Dec 2015

It is wonderfull that you keep the Ann Frank story alive ....I visited Bergen Belsen and we must forever remember !!!!!!!!!

Edward Sullivan, 71 - Waterford - Ireland - 21 Dec 2015

When I first saw a documentary About Anne Frank, i remembered learning about it just previously in my history class, and I went out and purchased her diary. I started reading it and i almost started to cry, Anne Frank is an inspiration to so many as i have witnessed how she makes people feel as they read her diary. She inspired me to learn more about The Holocaust.

Cecil Bundick, 14 - Parksley - United States - 19 Dec 2015

A Visit To Anne Frank’s House- I’ve read in my history books that lot of people were persecuted during the holocaust for being a Jew and I felt really bad at that time. However I must say I felt the true gravity of the situation only after visiting little Anne’s house. You will find Anne’s house right next to one of many canals in Amsterdam. The house is very unassuming with lot of tourists lined up to visit the house, one might wonder what can you possibly find in the house? The answer is you will find history. History, man kind should never forget. History, man kind should learn from and History, man kind should never repeat. I had a teacher who once told me, we learn history so that we don't make the same mistakes our forefathers made. At that time what he said really made sense but not anymore. Where did we go wrong? when did we stop caring about other human beings? why are people killing other people? why didn't we learn from the past? so many questions but too few answers. There is already too much chaos and hate in the world. Let’s not fester the wound. If you can’t love a person, that is fine but stop hating then the wound will eventually heal. Let us strive for a better world wherein people can cross the borders without fear of being rejected because they are from certain country or religion. Let us strive for a world wherein thousand deaths a day will not become a norm that nobody even thinks about the deaths. Let us strive for the world wherein compassion and empathy prevail over fanaticism. Let us build a better world wherein our kids can proudly say we are humans and we value humanity over anything else. My first step towards that world is start loving..

Vijay Chavva, 27 - Alpharetta - United States - 19 Dec 2015

This is very well known where i live in the USA. The story is fluent or as i say "The Diary Of Anne Frank" Is A Great Thing To Remember.

Shane Ospina, 13 - Pittsburgh - United States - 10 Dec 2015

I visited Anne Frank Huis on August 2013. It was so meaningful, inspiring yet a heartbreaking experience. One of the greatest place I've ever visited. :)

Raissa Andreas, 20 - Jakarta - Indonesia - 10 Dec 2015