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What a sombre and emotional place. I was stunned with the artefacts kept after such a horrendous time, but I felt very lucky to experience seeing them all and walking through the house. I felt a part of history and I hope Anne can look down and see how she was so loved in life and changed prejudice views and changed history as we know it.

JADE MORRELL, 28 - Bournemouth - United Kingdom - 27 Feb 2016

Detta var en intressant webbplats för att säga det minsta . mjölk mjölk

blef bergson, 120 - Malmö - Sweden - 19 Feb 2016

I recently read Diary of A Young Girl for the second time & I wanted more insight on the conditions they lived in. this website has a wealth of information and I'm sure I will come back & read more. I hope to one day visit the museum.

Clare, 16 - Mustang - United States - 18 Feb 2016

I delayed leaving Holland on my honeymoon in 1968 to have a chance to visit Anne Frank's hiding place. I had read her diary when I was about her age and I was devastated at the betrayal, arrest and death. I identified with her, being Jewish myself and I often wondered how I would cope in such circumstances. We must keep her memory alive as well as all who were murdered because they were Jews. Holocaust denial and antisemitism is rampant. We must be guardians of memory. Never forget, never again.

Myra Crystal , 66 - Elmwood Park, NJ - United States - 18 Feb 2016

I truly believe that this is one of the most important museums in the world. Many people arrive here with little or no knowledge of the Holocaust. By the time they've left, they realise that for each of the 6 million Jewish victims, there is a story. Anne's story is just one of these and it is remarkable. Her message to humanity is more relevant now than ever. The Museum is excellent not only for visitors, but it also educates thousands of children about the Holocaust every year. Thank you for an incredible visit.

Miriam Rich, London - United Kingdom - 16 Feb 2016

Quando eu tinha 12 anos o meu pai me deu o livro Diario de Anne Frank, eu chorei muito por tudo que Anne passou naquele anexo escuro e frio. Eu nem sabia onde ficava a Holanda mas prometi a mim mesma que um dia iria visitar o anexo e, realizei o meu sonho em julho de 2014. A cada passo eu eu dava podia sentir o quanto Anne sofreu e ao mesmo tempo senti a força interior daquela jovem que tinha tantos sonhos e que foram dizimados sem nenhuma piedade. Eu escrevi no livro de visitas mas estava tão emocionada que não consegui exprimir corretamente o que eu estava sentindo. Eu trouxe o anexo em miniatura e agora o tenho na minha sala de vivitas. Pretendo voltar porque trouxe comigo a inexplicavel sensação que Anne me ensina a encontrar forças onde a esperança começa a desvanecer.Fiz da Anne Frank a minha mentora.

Sandra Gondim Barreto, 54 - João Pessoa - Brazil - 12 Feb 2016